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There’s nothing better than watching an idiot driver getting caught by the cops when they’re clearly in the wrong.

If you drive too close to the person in front of you, or if you make it hard for a driver to pull out into a lane of heavy traffic, or you overtake on a right turn lane only in this case…then you deserve to have a little karma bestowed upon you.

Score 1 for Highway Patrol!!! I see that crap going on every day & am sick & tired of seeing these ‘idiots’ getting away with it … our faith has been renewed.

For those of us who have sat in the slow lane, and witnessed this happen over and over, and prayed for a cop to be sitting at the top of the hill.. Truly you sow what you reap.

Misfortune is to be waiting in the red light line and someone rear ends your car… But trying to be an smartass avoiding the traffic by doing infractions, that could cause an accident, and getting busted by the cops in the process, that is not misfortune, but a well deserved consequence.

When people don’t follow the rules of the road, operating a vehicle can be an absolute nightmare with dire consequences. So when drivers witness an offending motorist receive a little bit of instant justice for their actions, it can be incredibly satisfying.

One driver with a dashcam was recently stuck in a bit of traffic when he witnessed another motorist pass the line in a right turn only lane. After turning right, the driver pulled a U-turn, and blew right through a stop sign, skipping the entire line of traffic in the process. The driver failed to notice a cop in the line of cars he just skipped, and he immediately got pulled over. The driver with the dashcam had clearly been waiting for this moment, because his reaction to the offender getting pulled over is pure bliss.

Every time, we see some idiot driver doing that, we can not help but wonder if they think they are the only ones “smart enough” to have thought of it. Let us hope the cop kept the driver there for a while, just to make sure everything was in order.

The dangers of overtaking another vehicle on a single carriageway are significant as it usually requires driving on the path of oncoming vehicles. The overtaking maneuver increases the likelihood of a head-on collision where the combination of both the vehicles speed can often result in fatal consequences. Signs and road markings provide visual overtaking rules and often aid motorists by warning that bends in the road are ahead, or that there are dips in the road. Overtaking other vehicles can be dangerous. The difficulty with overtaking is judging the space required to complete the maneuver safely. Usually however, it’s down to a driver’s own judgement for when it is safe to overtake.

There’s everything from people crashing their cars right after being an asshat, to others getting pulled over by the cops… right after being an asshat.



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