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This is awful.

How some people even get their license is truly a mystery… tho I  was hoping she would at least smash her car into a tree or something. lol

This  video has racked up thousands of views with the person who uploaded it branding the incident ‘instant justice’.

Lady tries to cheat traffic by passing cars in oncoming lane. Did not go as planned. Instant karma!

Congested traffic has the potential to irate motorists. The longer the delay the more likely someone will become desperate in their bid to overcome huge delays. In a bid to beat the bumper-to-bumper traffic, one motorist, trapped in a congested road, decided to beat the system by facing oncoming traffic .While that sounds convenient for the driver, it’s a pretty dangerous move and also illegal. We’re guessing their logic was “it’ll be all be okay as long as another car doesn’t head in my direction”. Unfortunately for the motorists, another driver put an end to his/her traffic shortcut.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, the driver is forced to reverse all the way back in full view of other drivers.To make matters worse, the driver struggled to keep the car in a straight line, grinding the curb and even backing onto the pavement a few times. After being caught out for trying to maneuvre though congested traffic in the wrong lane, a driver is the forced to embarrassingly reverse all the way back. Finally, a kind motorist gave room and let the cheater get back in line, but not before the driver was shamed for having terrible reverse skills.

What a selfish prick she was. Karma I believe that is called. People want to act like they are the only one that has to go somewhere and they think they own the road. Riding in the left (going slow in the left lane) lane and not passing, speeding up to get three spots up when you clearly know it merges and the lane ends. Or once you are able to finally pass them, they realize that they are space cadets and then floor it so you can’t pass. Then slow down again.

Selfish, inconsiderate people need to be ticketed for that and the driving test needs to be MUCH, MUCH harder. If you can’t reverse infinitely you shouldn’t have a license. She needs to go back to driving school and/or have her license suspended or we will have everyone doing this.

She can’t even reverse in a straight line…I would have not let her join the lane and have her reverse back all the way back of the queue..that’ll teach her a lesson not to cut traffic The driver who recorded the encounter should have blasted their horn the whole time ‘to make her more embarrassed’

No emergency here, there are ambulances and police cars for that, and even if there were, you can’t drive forward in oncoming traffic, endangering everyone. There are road rules. She couldn’t even back up without going up on the curb.

Seriously that was horrific.


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