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Oh my. She must be a potential avatar in the future. She has such truly gifted long legs with her beauty.

And she’s still rockin them heel’s!! love it… Love your body!!!

She is Beautiful! Wearing high heels really makes her taller but I say go for it Girl! Don’t be jealous ladies!

The most important thing is that she feels good about herself. She is such a beauty with model-like body shape which many people admire at. Being positive and her self confidence makes her charming and stand out. This is like a pretty mutant gene in the world of X-men. I’d like to see the girls who are reportedly burdened with growing beards pull off this level of confidence… She got off much easier than people who aren’t even asthetically challenged to be honest. lol

“Leg length is a good indicator of childhood nutrition in women because their legs stop growing once they reach puberty. So if a woman has long legs it suggests she grew up in a good environment and that has a positive effect on fertility.

Among a crowd, if you are the tallest girl then people are going to notice you more than the others. Some may feel this as a disadvantage and shy off as well. But, consider this is a confidence booster when you are noticed in your company, college and school. Best part being noticed by guys! Guys love girls with long legs. If you have long legs, then enjoy boasting it.

Have you regretted for being a tall girl? Have you found yourself cramped behind your car seat? Were you not comfortable to go for a piggy-back ride behind your boyfriend? Do not worry babe!  Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed for being a tall girl. Do not worry for being tall, as we think that tall girls are awesome, superb, a leader, bold and of course beautiful.

And ladies.. this is the part that we should all get jealous about girls with having long legs..

If you are foodie, then continue to be one because tall girls need not worry about adding some extra pounds. You are not going to look fat very soon if you are a thin tall girl. Enjoy munching your favorite burger and dairy products without worrying about adding a few extra pounds. Now that is unfair!! lol

Since there is obviously nothing you can do to change your body structure once you’re done growing besides adding muscle (despite what some people may want to sell you!), the only thing you can do is work with what you have and train to maximize your natural attributes and strengthen your natural weaknesses so that you can perform to the best of YOUR ability! Like this woman right here!

Study says long legs are more efficient too.  “All things being equal, leg length is one of the major determinants of cost,”  “If two animals are identical except for leg length, the animal with longer legs is more efficient.”

Although most likely you would need a ladder to give long legged girls a kiss.. lol


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