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A man was stalking an Asiatic lion with his car and ended up getting a fantastic reminder not to mess with animals that can eat you.

Common people?!  Don’t we know by now not to mess with animals that see us as steak bites with arms and legs?

Some things just don’t seem like a good idea. This guy is lucky he is still alive.


Nature takes time out of its busy schedule daily to remind some stupid human that it’s not as ‘in control’ as it would like us to imagine.

The lion is awe-inspiring. How often will you see something like that?

However, the lion gets tired of the man’s company. It stops and lets out a low grumble with a head-fake toward the car. Despite looking like a half-hearted effort on the part of the lion, it would be frightening as hell to be in the car at that moment.

In a video trending on ‘YouTube’, a car is trailing a strolling Asiatic lion at Gir Forest National Park — a wildlife sanctuary in India that gets around 60,000 visitors a year. The reserve is about 545 square miles and has a population of just over 500 Asiatic Lions, according to the 2015 Asiatic Lion Census (which is apparently a thing).

Although the website shows that guided Jeep tours are available, this particular video looks a little less regulated, as the driver of what looks like a standard passenger sedan stays a bit too close to the King of the Jungle, filming out the window.  Like most of the annoying humans, he starts filming the sight of the King of Jungle with his window down. The video clip which was released in September 2016 shows the dude non-stop chirping making absolute sense of the situation.

Failing to understand that the world’s most fearsome animal is just a few feet away from him, the guy continues with his irrational approach. Well as we approach the end of the video clip, we see the lion had enough of little human’s daredevilry and silly antics. We see the large wildcat with mighty mane stop and face the person with the camera recording the lion’s next moves. The lion growls and trust us. it’s a small tiny roar by the mighty King of the Jungle.

The little roar was enough to send shivers down the person’s spine who is heard saying, “OMG… I almost just died.” Well, you are not supposed to stalk the ferocious lion, and we hope the person learned his lesson. It is almost an overwhelming experience to watch the powerful predator in front of our eyes, but we forget to acknowledge their immensely strong presence. Taking photographs and recording videos from a protective safe enclosure and annoying the hell out of the animals is certainly not a cool idea.

It’s probably not a good idea to tease things that are perfectly capable of eating you. Observing a lion in the wild is fine, stalking it with your car with your window down is a terrible idea.


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