VOTD: HAVE YOU SEEN THE CYCLOPS GOAT?! Born with a single huge eye, one ear and no nose.

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Little did these people know, that soon this little goat charles xavior would start up a mutant program for other animals in the future and create his very own X men program, welcoming all animals with genetic disorders and powers.lol

Unique looking little creation in my eyes. Probably made with the same feelings and emotions like his brothers and sisters. But man has always been judgemental to beings that are different. sadly.

i think its so poor and ignorant that vets in other countries and even our own country predicts that an animal will die just because of a birth defect… a birth defect caused by something in the DNA does not mean an animal will die because of it. Many humans and animals have birth defects and live a nornal, active life. Talk about faith!

A goat born on May 10, 2017 in Assam, India is quickly becoming a global sensation, thanks to one unusual feature: it has a single large eye sitting in the middle of its face. –

The goat is suffering from cyclopia, a congenital disorder usually observed in mammals such as goats, cats, and even humans. It is what happens when the brain forms only one hemisphere instead of two. This leads to the development of a skull with just one eye socket.

In addition to the single eye, cyclopia comes packaged with several other abnormalities. In the goat’s case, it is also missing eyelids, eyelashes, and teeth. It has only a single ear, which is thankfully functioning. It has a short, underdeveloped nose, and a stunted jaw. Because of the extreme physical deformities associated with it, cyclopia often leads to severe complications that kill most babies mere hours after birth.

The one-eyed goat, however, is already over a week old. And so far, it’s showing no signs of wanting to give up the ghost. The usual culprits behind cyclopia are genetic defects. However, the development of the baby in the womb can also be affected by any toxins the mother ingests . The local vets are unsure about the exact cause of cyclopia in this particular goat’s case.

Local veterinarians aren’t certain of the exact cause of this goat’s condition. They predicted it would die within a few days, but the unnamed goat has survived a full week under the care of Mukhuri Das, its owner. People are coming to our place to see this baby goat,” stated Das. “We are happy that it’s mak“I believe this goat will bring luck to my home,” said Mukhuri Das, the goat’s owner. Ever since news of the bizarre goat spread to the neighboring villages , people have been coming to his farm to see what the fuss is all about. “So many people treats us famous.”

While mammals are usually the victims of this condition, the corpse of a horrific cyclops shark was discovered on 2011 –

Unlike the  cyclopes of Greek myth , who shared their famous trait with an entire race, modern-day cyclopes are rare individuals. Very few infants with cyclopia survive more than a couple days, because the associated physical deformities—missing noses, underdeveloped brains—quickly prove fatal.

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