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Dang, is this the compassionate Earth we are living on today?

How does a human grow to this age in today’s world with so little knowledge or compassion?

Bullying people with disabilities is an atrocious act performed by cowardly people. PERIOD.

This “man” isn’t a man at all. He’s a coward and a shell of a man. Soulless.

I should not be surprised in this day and age that things like this happen but it still baffles me. How do people become so hateful and so vile that they could harm someone so innocent and undeserving of their contempt?  That piece of trash that hit the man should have to be made to serve the disabled community doing some kind of work for them, work that will show him the hardships disabled people live with every day. No good piece of garbage is what he is, a heartless piece of trash!!

That’s just infuriating.  Why would you treat another human being who has not done anything to you like that? Even worse, there was another man standing there and another passing by, and neither did anything about it. This should be considered a hate crime and be prosecuted as such. Let the abhorrent creature understand that targeting a person because of what he is, rather than who he is, makes it nothing less than that. I hope they throw the book at this lowlife.

The two cowards mocking the guy and throwing the punch need the crap knocked out of them without a doubt. But what about the coward who walks by and sees it happen and does nothing! He is just as bad as the other two.  I mean how can you witness that and keep on walking? Bullying in any shape or form is wrong. I can not fathom what the victim might have gone through emotionally and physically.

Here’s the full story:

A Pennsylvania man faces charges after he mocked and then sucker-punched a person with cerebral palsy as he left a convenience store. Barry Baker, 29, of Coatesville, was charged with simple assault after a May 10 incident outside a 7-Eleven in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Authorities said Baker was caught on video imitating how a 22-year-old man with cerebral palsy walked from his car into the store. When the man emerged from the store, Baker continued to mock him and then punched him in the face without warning,


The defendant’s actions in this case are appalling. You wonder what would make an individual treat somebody like that,” West Chester Police Chief Scott Bohn told KYW-TV. Baker fled the scene and was later arrested. He posted bail ($25,000) and is next scheduled to appear in court on May 30.

“This defendant is a bully. Every decent citizen should be outraged by the defendant’s conduct. The victim is to be commended for keeping his cool and notifying the police,” said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan.

For anyone that doesn’t know, karma is real. It doesn’t always happen when you want and when it does happen you may not even know it did but it will. This guy’s karma won’t be the slap on the wrist he’ll get for this…..it’ll be way more satisfying.

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