INSANITY! VA Forces Terminally Ill Disabled Veteran to Move to Another State for Life-Saving Transplant Surgery!

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No veteran should be treated this way! The most maddening stories that I write concern the horrific treatment our most precious resource, the veterans, keep enduring at the hands of the VA.

Men and women who offer the ultimate sacrifice and survive should be treated like the best, not the worst!

President Trump has pledged to fix the mess we know of as the Veterans Administration.  It cannot come soon enough! Many a veteran has died in recent years because of their ineptitude.

This horrific story of one of America’s bravest having to jump a zillion hoops, including moving from his home and to another state, spotlights the atrocities.

INSANITY! VA Forces Terminally Ill Disabled Veteran to Move to Another State for Life-Saving Transplant Surgery!


I will let my good friend, and Politichick, Laine Sloane tell the story!

In December of 2015, the VA diagnosed David with “end-stage pulmonary fibrosis.” David’s wife, Courtney, has been petitioning the VA for over a year for the transplant surgery to be done locally, because there are only two hospitals in the country who are contracted with the government to perform lung transplants for veterans.

Recently, Courtney was told by an administrator at the Greater Los Angeles VA, that she would do everything she could to make sure David could have the surgery locally. Unfortunately, Ann Brown, Director of the GLA VA, who has decision-making authority, has now refused direct communication from Courtney. At this time, the Braytons are receiving calls from the Seattle hospital to schedule David’s processing and medical transport to Seattle, which means Ms. Brown has not approved the local transplant. Ms. Brown still won’t return phone calls and is “unavailable” when Courtney calls her.

David and Courtney live in Southern California where there are two local hospitals who are equipped to do the transplant when the organs become available—Cedars Sinai and UCLA. The problem is that they are not contracted with the government. President Trump has said he wants the veterans to go to any hospital they want; unfortunately, that has not happened yet.

In the meantime, the VA has told them they will have to leave their home by this Saturday, May 6, and move to Seattle to hospitalize David at one of the National Transplant Centers (NTC). He’s not even on the transplant list yet and will need to remain there until a donor match is made.

Courtney asked her congressman, Steve Knight, for help. He, in turn, contacted the Greater Los Angeles VA Director, Ann Brown, only to receive a response back stating that David is not eligible to receive care at a non-VA facility because there are only two VA hospitals in the country who will do the transplant for him. Their heads and hearts are made of stone.

What will the Braytons lives look like if they are forced to move to Seattle this Saturday, May 6, 2017?


  • The Braytons could be gone for months or years on end.
  • Courtney and David have to maintain a small business they have in California. (Presently, their 16-year-old son is helping her manage it while David is in an incapacitated state. She will have to hire someone to do what she does).
  • The VA will provide an extended stay for them while in Seattle, but not their son. David will need 24/7 care in Seattle both before and after the surgery, which the VA doesn’t provide.
  • How will their mortgage on their California home and other expenses of their household be paid while they are in Seattle?
  • Who will take care of her son while they are in Seattle? He’s still in high school.

Read the rest of this horrific situation and find out how you can help this veteran at

Here is NBC’s coverage of David’s heartbreaking fight.


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