US Soldier Asks Refugees Why They Won’t Help Him Fight For Freedom- Their Response? WATCH

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Muslims that have travelled from the Middle East and became “refugees” to Europe are immigrating so that they can avoid war for their own freedom back in their homelands. However, it appears that they are happy for U.S. troops to take their place, and fight to gain their freedom for them.

In this video you are about to watch you will see several Muslims who became “refugees” being confronted with a question that hasn’t been asked before. They are being asked exactly why they felt they needed to go to Europe. You’ll see that ALL of their replies are based around wanting to go to Denmark to live the high life using the country’s welfare system while allowing others to fight their battles for them back home, as reported by BizPacReview.

It is an American soldier that is asking several Muslim immigrants these questions and about why they won’t stay in their countries to fight for their own freedom. It is very interesting to watch to say the least. There is no way liberals could twist this if they tried, it’s on video.

Now, the immigrants do claim that they are thankful that American soldiers are fighting for Muslim freedom in their homelands but they certainly don’t want any part in the fighting.
“I’m no need go — go to the war,” one Muslim immigrant told the interviewer. This same man admitted that he does not support but opposes ISIS but refuses to stay and fight followed by “Yea, I’m coming here”

These men have fled their families, leaving them behind to be raped, tortured and beheaded while these “refugees” live the life of Riley on the dole in Denmark and other European countries.

One of the refugees readily admitted that he abandoned his wife and children, leaving them back in his war-torn homeland.

He was also not too worried that Americans were fighting for his freedom.

At least one of the refugees shook the American soldier’s hand and thanked him or fighting. But, yeah, he wasn’t interested in going home to fight himself.

Another man who said he came from Iraq also admitted that the “problems” in his homeland of Iraq where something he didn’t want to fight.

A third “refugee” said it was a “delusion” for people to expect him to fight for his country.

A Syrian man, who also abandoned his family, even agreed that some women back in Syria are fighting. Yet, he wasn’t going to do it.

“There’s too much problem,” he said, and that is why he went to Denmark.

So now you’ve seen and heard the truth straight from the horse’s mouth. These “refugees” are more than happy to take free welfare from other countries and live off the people, but have no interest whatsoever in protecting their own home, their families, their people, or their right to freedom. They don’t care to free their own people.

It’s a very sad truth to hear. How do you fix something like that? If the people are not motivated to protect or at least TRY to free their own people, then how do you justify sending in your own troops of sons and daughters to fight for them?

Well, you simply into the future. The refugees that fleeing are answering these questions. What about the people who are not fleeing and staying in their countries to fight and protect their families? They count too.

Besides…even if liberals got their way and America didn’t get involved with trying to create a better home for them in their own countries and continued to bring ‘refugees’ in. One day there would be consequences to pay for ignoring such an evil.


The wickedness that is plaguing our world right now that we call terrorism is full of greed and hunger for power. The greedy are never satisfied. What they are doing to their own homelands will spread…and spread…until it consumes all the world. That’s how their wickedness works.

So despite hearing these ‘refugees’ talk about not wanting to fight for their freedom and being okay with sending our troops in to do it for them…in the end, it still protects us too.

It just sucks that they choose to be cowards, and leeches, instead of taking their place among our military to learn and then fight with us. There is an injustice in that.

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