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YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD YOU!! A fantasy to us may be REALITY for another and for this young man that’s exactly what it is…

We see plenty of people spend hundreds, thousands and maybe even more on cosmetic surgery and for this fantasy fanatic he has almost spent more then $25,000 on surgery he wants to become a real life ELF.

Luis Padron, 25, from Buenos Ares, Argentina, became obsessed with the fantasy world of elves, angels and fictional beings after being bullied as a child.

Luis became very determined to look just like his other worldly characters and started bleaching his hair and skin.

He now spends more than $4,000 a month on specialized creams, dyes, treatment and SPF 100 sunscreen.

He has almost spent more than $25,000 on surgical procedures including liposuction on his jaw, a nose job, full body hair removal and operations to change his eye color.

Luis gets all types of looks from people, but he does not care and will not stop until he fulfills his transformation into a complete ELF.

He is planning surgery to make his ears pointed, hair implants for a heart shaped hairline and a limb lengthening operation to make him 6ft 5in tall.

The 25-year-old, who sells cosplay merchandise, said: ‘I want to be an elf, an angel and a fantasy being, my aim is to look inhuman, ethereal, graceful and delicate.
‘I have my own beauty ideal and want to achieve that no matter what.
‘I want to have my ears cut to become pointy like an elves, my jaw to look more sharp like a diamond, a face-lift and an eye-lift to give my eyes a cat-like shape.
‘I am also consider having muscle implants too.
‘There’s also a surgery to make you taller and I will remove four of my ribs too, so that I can shape my waist to make it thinner.’

He added: ‘People have stared at me ever since I was a teenager, so it’s very normal to me now. I like people staring at me and don’t care what they think.
‘Even when I’m not dressed up like an elf people stare at me. I have had long white hair for five years, I use larger contact lenses and I am very tall.
‘I use make-up to enhance my features so they are more angelic and wear clothing that’s more stylish or antique.
‘I consider myself trans-species, in the same way transgender people feel, I need to become how I feel inside, I don’t expect people to understand but I ask they respect it.
‘The fantasy genre makes me happy and because I didn’t have many friends when I was younger I submerged myself into it.’

Mr. Padron fell so fascinated during his teenage years, while having to deal with being bullied over his dyed hair and his sense of style he found comfortable for himself.

When high school was almost over, he claimed his peculiar personality directed him to be admired by many, which gave him the power to be different.

He added: ‘I was bullied as a child and as an escape I would submerge myself in fantasy movies like Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story, as well as other fantasy tales.
‘Over time things changed, older teens liked me because I was unique and that’s what encouraged me to start turning what I felt on the inside into a reality.
‘I started with cosplay but it wasn’t enough, I wanted to change to become my own perception of beauty.’
At the age of 14, he was determined to undergo surgery to look more like an elf and six years later he went under the knife for the first time.
He recalled: ‘It was the start that led me to decide this was the direction I wanted my life to go in, the recovery was painful and slow but I was happy with how I looked.
‘I didn’t care for how much it hurt, because it allowed me to get one step closer to my dream of what I want to become.’

In his quest for fantasy perfection he continued to have more than 40 fillers, full body hair removal and laser skin bleaching to remove any freckles and Botox.

In addition to all the procedures he has already done, he underwent medically unapproved treatment to change his eye color blue, leading to come painful side effects in the long run.

He said: ‘It was without anaesthesia, was very painful and meant I had to use eye drops and extremely black sunglasses, essentially I became like a vampire with extreme photosensitivity.
‘At first even watching stars in the sky was painful but three days later they felt normal again, I don’t know how they affect my sight in future.
‘It hasn’t turned to a crystal blue color yet unfortunately they are currently a greyish color, but I’m still hopeful as I have four more sessions left.

From his unusual but unique looks, he has started a career in modeling and has made appearances as a real life elf at many events.

But with a lifestyle that cost $5,000 a month just to up keep the unique but unusual look with all the special creams, bleaching of his skin and hair, the high sun sunscreen to keep his skin from tanning, contact lenses, makeup and care products.

‘I don’t consider this an obsession, but in fantasy you have all of the hope, love, friendship and good feelings’, he said.
‘This helps me to feel like a good person but in fantasy you have to be beautiful not only on the inside but the outside too.
‘This has changed my life for good in so many ways, I can’t even begin to describe it.’

A few people like the idea and some had some other commentary about it, let me share what others thought.

“Don’t worry, folks. This is perfectly normal…..” – Spectrum2

“What surgeons actually agree to do these things???” – kazyann

“Well…. If he can transform the horrible human race into a better one, even slightly (it can only be better anyway) I ll do the same…pinky promise” – Patlelion

As for myself, I feel when people have these ideas it’s kind of cool and weird all at the same time. Although some may say he’s ill and other will say it’s normal, I feel like it’s none of our business.  Who are we to judge him? When people go through a hard phase in life and find something to cope whether it’s normal or not, it’s their prerogative. I honestly feel like whatever makes people happy is all that matters. People’s opinions and looks don’t mean a thing because it’s not their life.

So in conclusion, my final thought is… Do whatever makes YOU HAPPY, whether it’s normal or abnormal. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST with no regrets.


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