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SCANDAL: FAKE Judge Booted After Texas Learns She IS NOT a U.S. Citizen!


New reports are coming out of Corpus Christi, Texas that a fake municipal court judge has been placed on unpaid leave after city officials learned she IS NOT a U.S. citizen.

How in the world did this happen? How did it get so far?

Garza Jr. said that it has been verified that while Young Min Burkett is legally eligible for employment in Texas, the state of Texas requires a judge to be a U.S. citizen, which she is not.

SCANDAL: Texas Judge Suspended After State Learns She IS NOT a U.S. Citizen

Corpus Christi Councilman Rudy Garza Jr. told reporters the mishap took place because there is no question about an applicant’s citizenship on the application for appointment. The application documents merely ask the question if the applicant is legally eligible to work in the state.

KVIA ABC7 reports:

Officials in South Texas have placed a municipal court judge on unpaid leave after it was discovered she’s not a U.S. citizen.

Corpus Christi Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times Judge Young Min Burkett was placed on leave for 90 days with the intention that will be enough time for her to obtain citizenship.

Rubio says the city never asked during the qualification process to become a municipal judge whether Burkett was a citizen, and says Burkett never tried to deceive or misrepresent her background.

Rubio adds that city attorneys have reviewed the matter and determined that Burkett’s rulings from the bench remain valid and lawful.

The Caller-Times reports that Burkett did not return phone calls seeking comment. Her nationality is not clear.

I guess not! Here is a woman who KNOWS THE LAW and decided to BREAK THE LAW! That is enough to put her in jail! She needs to serve time for this!

But Garza said,“The error was a city error and we don’t feel Judge Burkett was insincere or did anything in her application or interview that led to any dishonesty on her part,”


You cannot tell me a woman who is immersed in the law did not know she was breaking this simple law! INSANITY!

Burkett is on unpaid leave for 90 days to give her time to obtain citizenship, said Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio, who  also added that Burkett did not make any misrepresentations in seeking appointment.

Well…well..well… YES SHE DID! She knew she was not a citizen and she KNEW she was not supposed to be a judge!

According to city attorneys, her past rulings are not invalidated by her status as a non-citizen.

YES, they are! They are trying the old game of CYA! This is a defense attorneys dream! If the judge was not really a judge because she was not qualified, then EVERY ONE of her rulings are invalid! That is basic!

If a guy dresses up in a cop uniform, and he gives you a ticket, are you liable for that ticket? Of course not! Because he is NOT really a cop!

This woman was NEVER a judge! She may have dressed like a judge, she might have sat on a bench, and she might have made rulings… BUT SHE WAS NOT A JUDGE! She was not qualified in the state of Texas to be a judge! PERIOD!

This is not rocket science, this is stupidity at it’s finest! Insane!

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