Teenagers Show Liberals How Protesting Is DONE After City Council Votes To DISBAND Local Police!

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What sense is there in disbanding any town’s local police department? As some of you may remember, this was on of many things on the demand list of Blacklivesmatter. They want police to be disbanded, and law enforcement to go into federal hands. Taking out the Sheriffs’ jurisdiction over their counties.

What do you think happens at this point?

Sheriffs have say over their counties. Not even the president of the United States could come in and tell them what to do on their territory. That’s several people working together within states, and within the country to do what is right when it comes to protecting and serving in their community.

If we disband our police, and allow federal law enforcement to take over in their place, who do you think will fill those positions? Just think about it. It will in some minds be the people who are no evil people, but take orders without question. Can you think of who that might be?

Well, here is an example of what should be done if power is threatened to be taken away our local police departments. These teenagers are about to make you proud.

This week over in Forest Lake, Minnesota there were hundreds of student that came together in a local high school, walking out of their classes last Tuesday in a REAL example of what a peaceful protest looks and sounds like. Nothing like what we have seen at liberal protests across the nation at places like Berkeley.

There was no violence, no burning cars, no face masks to hide behind, and no hurting people with bike locks causing blood shed. This is exactly the kind of peaceful protest that should be setting the example for others. One that cause good change.

As reported by KARE 11,

Students from both the middle and high school marched out at 1:15 p.m. and headed to City Hall, where they chanted “FLPD!” outside the city council chambers.

About an hour later, students made their way into the council chambers where they continued their protest.

Forest Lake Police Chief Richard Peterson said he was moved to see such a large crowd of young people in the community coming out to show their support.

“This is absolutely amazing,” he said. “The students are fantastic. The community is fantastic. We are absolutely humbled by the support we’ve been given, really appreciate it.”

You can watch the kids arriving at City Hall in this video.


Since the protest, things have been looking up for the future of Forest Lake’s Police Department, who have assured citizens that they will continue to provide services until formally dismissed.

One Minneapolis news reporter posted the following just yesterday:

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Folks, it looks like all the coverage the students are getting for what they are doing is going to work in their favor. It appears, that their local police will be reinstated.

You’re proud of them right? Soak it all in, this is what American looks like when Americans do it right.

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