Teenage Girl Miraculously Rescued After Being Buried ALIVE For Two Hours [WATCH]

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Being buried alive has to be one of the most terrifying ways one could die. That is what this young teenage girl had to face all due to a property dispute between her family and a businessman. You will see distressing images of the whole event unfolding, and it’s a little hard to watch.

Consider yourself warned.

Her name is Khushboo Khatun, and she is 19 years old. She was simply on her way home from a visit to the market when three men jumped her and threw her into a 3 ft. deep pit. She then had to watch as the three thugs filled the pit they threw her into with earth and left her to die.

Luckily just under two hours later Khushboo’s father, Muhammad Azim Ansari noticed that it had been long overdue for his daughter to return home and began to worry. He and Sanjana Khatun, the girl’s mother, set out to look for her. By God’s grace Ansari noticed there was a nearby pit that was randomly filled with earth and immediately suspected foul play. (Does this happen often!?)

He didn’t hesitate and started digging, calling on as many villagers as he could to come help. They finally came upon Khushboo who was in a semi-conscious state after being buried for two full hours and nearly suffocating.

Video footage shows villagers ferociously digging as the bottom half of Kushboo’s body is still buried deep in the soil.

They threw water on her in a bid to clean off the soil but Kushboo could barely hold herself upright, as men continue to dig in an attempt to get her free.

One rescuer can be seen pulling debris from inside her mouth.

The teenager was eventually dragged from the rubble and taken to a nearby local government hospital suffering with shock.

‘They threw me in the pit, tried to bury me alive, so that they could kill me,’ Kushboo said of the ordeal.

The police are searching for suspects, Amit Shah, who is a local businessman, and two accomplices.
Superintendent Nawal Kishore Singh, from Samastipur police station, said Amit Shah had wanted to use land owned by Ansari for construction.
As Ansari was not willing to co-operate, Amit used his daughter as a threat.

Superintendent Nawal Kishore Singh added: ‘It is a property dispute.

‘It’s been going on for several years. Amit has threatened Ansari many times in the past. Amit, along with two others, attacked a member of Ansari’s family as a warning. They threw the girl into a pit and filled it with the soil. We are now searching for all three suspects.’

Luckily Khushboo has since been discharged from the hospital, and is now recovering at home. However, after something like this has happened, would you feel safe remaining in the same place, walking home from the same market, or anywhere for that matter knowing that the people who buried you alive were still out there?

They didn’t kill her the first time as they had hoped, and there has been no peace made in the on-going issues between her father and the evil men who did this.

What an awful reality Khushboo and all others who live in such conditions face. Although I am sure that things like this could happen in America, is is certainly NOT as expected to nor does it go without punishment. If we saw a freshly dug hole with loose earth in it, the last thing on most of our minds would be to check if there was a human body in it. So sad the fear some people of the world live in. We can be blessed, we live in America.

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