Student Leader Of ELITE University Shamelessly Tells White People They Were Born RACIST!

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Well this just happened…

Carmen Gosey wants you to know that as a exiting student leader of her university that she has learned it is full of nothing but racists. Gosey is the outgoing chair of the student body government that is at the head of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The population there is predominately white, and it is them that she accuses of being racist since they were born.

UWM, boasts an in-state tuition fees of over $25,000, is now being fully attacked by Gosey in a letter on THEIR own letterhead that is filled with racist beliefs while at the very same time accusing her entire school of racism.

She states that she has a black student was used simply as a token by the white supremacists in her school. Of course, this girl gives no explanation as to why a bunch of racist white supremacists would want a black female student in charge of anything, and to stand as their symbol. That would leave the door open to actually communicating and she’s not all about that.

This is part of her letter, as reported by the Daily Cardinal:

“I was operating in a white position as a person of color,” Goséy wrote. “Now I see the University was not designed for the success of minority communities; it was designed for white students to learn about my oppression while not having to participate in dismantling it.”

Goséy wrote about the privilege most students have on UW-Madison’s predominantly white campus and stated that “all white people are racist.” For Goséy, her leadership position on ASM made her “a token for white supremacists.”

In a final insult to the school from which with she is apparently fine in accepting a degree, she writes (emphasis mine):

“I have struggled with the juxtaposition of my identity and representing a campus that does not look like me or remotely relate to my experience,” Goséy wrote.

In addition to asking students of color on campus to consider their place at UW-Madison, she argued that parents of people of color should think twice before sending their kids to the university.

Her entire letter was printed on Facebook here.

Many of us had hoped that once Obama was out of the picture this kind of senseless spreading of lies and hatred would subside, or at least show some signs of slowing down. It just hasn’t though, in fact more and more speak like this is coming out from our universities and colleges across the country.

These are students are going to grow up and be the future of this country, and are you listening to them? They are brainwashed into thinking that they are the victims and everyone else is racist. There is no actual basis for their claim and they refuse to get into a real conversation about that because it would mean they would have to face the truth.

Which is they are wrong. White man is not born racist, nor is his country a racist country. No color of skin defines who or what a person is or believes. Here’s hoping that somehow common sense comes back into play, and the plague of stupid that Obama fathered dies out….

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