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Staples Apologizes for Refusing to Print Christian Flyer it Called “Obscene, Pornographic or Dangerous.”


It seems that pressure works. Two days ago we reported that Rick Green went to a Staples in Sandusky, OH to print a flyer from Wallbuilders High School Government Course and it offended the snowflake employee.

The employee, following Staples policy of allowing employees to decide what is offensive, deemed the literature dangerous.

Rick posted on Facebook that Staples has apologized, stating they really messed up!

Staples just apologized. Just got off phone w/Office of the President for Staples & they say "we messed up, no other way…

Posted by Rick Green on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Here was the story:

Green noted that the Staples employee was all worked up about how “WallBuilders and “Christian Patriots” believe our faith should be allowed in the public square, including politics.”

Mr. Green sent Staples the following letter congratulating them on their policy:

Bravo Staples!! Free enterprise, and also the First Amendment, requires that private businesses “have the right to refuse service” (Jonathon’s exact words) and I applaud your exercise of those freedoms and your support of your employees exercising those freedoms. I trust you also support the exact same rights and freedoms for the baker down the street, or photographer, or venue owner who would not want to bake a cake for my event, or take my picture at my constitution classes, or rent their facility to me for a Constitution Class. And then, of course, I’m sure you would protect the exact same rights for all of those private businesses to also not participate in something that violates their conscience, whether that be a Constitution Class or homosexual wedding.

Of course, each of us in private business has the right to refuse business and we must also live with the market consequences (not government force, but customer decisions to do business with us or not). When I asked your employees if they thought it was a good business decision for Staples to refuse to print Christian materials that encourage study of the Constitution, the response was, “Staples is based in Canada and doesn’t care about the U.S. Constitution.” Very interesting response.

Again, I absolutely support your policy and your right to refuse service to Christians, or any other category of individuals with which you disagree. We’ll be sure to highlight your policy, and its implementation, on our radio show and social media outlets.

Well we are helping Rick Green highlight that insane policy.

I agree with Rick wholeheartedly! Since Staples has such a problem doing business with Christians, perhaps Christians across America should do a favor for Staples and stop going into their stores or ordering online.

Here is the corporate complaint form!

Here is the Sandusky Staples phone number: 419-626-8077

And of course the Staples in Sandusky Facebook Page.

What article would be complete without the Staples main Facebook page.

This is utter insanity. What kind of moronic policy is this anyhow? You let your employees have final discretion on what they will or will not print? Looks to me like Staples needs some changes at the corporate level. That is a dumb policy by anyone’s standards.

I have a funny feeling, if an employee deemed one of the liberal’s favorite topics off limits, the end result would not have been the same.

I have spent a lot of money at Staples in my lifetime. They will never get one more penny.

Be sure to read Rick Green’s full account of the insanity.



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