Son Stabs Father DEAD Because Dinner Wasn’t Cooked Yet, Then Did The UNTHINKABLE!

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This is sickening.

Heinous stories like this make it easy to believe that possession by evil spirits is actually very real. How else would you explain someone becoming so full of anger in one second that they suddenly murder their father? Holy cow! That takes some kind of anger….for a son to murder is own father.  Read on…

This 36-year-old son stabbed his father to death with a kitchen knife. But the most shocking part is the reason behind it. The son had brought meat home for lunch for his father to cook. So far so good, right? BUT the son suddenly became very angry because he claims his father was taking too long to boil the meat and had forgotten to add fish sauce to the dish.

That folks, was the cause of his murderous mood. That was it. Fish sauce…?

He confronted his father and without warning became enraged. Over fish sauce…

This takes HANGRY to a whole new level. It is difficult to comprehend that a person could be so heartless and cold towards their own father over such bullcrap reasons.

The story goes on to say that the son grabbed an empty bottle and struck his father over the head. Right after that he turned around to slap his own MOTHER! All because she tried to intervene, as any mother would in such a situation, yes? SHUT UP!

Seeing that her son had lost all humanity, the mom then ran for help because she was scared. As she ran for help her murderous off-spring picked up a kitchen knife that was laying nearby and didn’t hesitate as he repeatedly stabbed his father in a hellish attack.

When the mother finally found help and brought the police to her home, they found a horrifying crime scene. The son was covered in blood, simply laying in a hammock right at the front of the single-story home. He laid there as if nothing out of the normal happened.

YOU thought this was the end of the story… but no… WAIT! What happened next, is even more unbelievable!

After the officers handcuffed him, he gladly reenacted the scene of what he had done to his father…and did it with a smile on his face. It was like he was describing how he had hit his first home run.

WHO DOES THAT!???  Satan. Satan does that.

Following this, the authorities made the son kneel down and apologize to the body of his dead father. Kneeling is a relgious ritual of reverence and submission.

Deputy Inspector Colonel Nitipat Kitichartchai said:

‘The father volunteered to cook the pork. The son went to drink a some liquor and then wanted to eat the food. But the dad said it was not finished and not cooked yet. The son did not want to wait. Then he said he forgot the fish sauce and he became angry. The son, who has two brothers, had to kneel down, apologise and say a prayer next to his dead father when he returned to the scene.’

Col. Nitipat Kitichartchai said the son admitted the murder and has been sent to Amphore Nangrong prison in Buriram to await sentencing.

‘I knew we would have to go to investigate the scene. It is a single story house. The father was wearing a loin cloth without a shirt.’

‘He had more than 10 stab wounds on his back, particularly across the left shoulder, and one the deeply penetrated the heart. The smell of blood stained the area.’

‘I asked the wife how her husband died and she identified her son as the killer. He was found outside the house in a cradle (hammock) with a lot of blood on him but he was not injured.
‘He was detained while we investigated the home.’

This man should not be set free to roam among the general public…if it was so easy for him to take his father’s life, he will have no problem killing again, without reason. His temper is deadly.

I hope he one day this son truly feels the weight of his actions against his father and mother. God bless his mother whose life just got turned upside down leaving her without her husband.

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