Snowflake Students Set Rule That Finds Words ‘Gendered,’ And ‘Brotherhood’ As Discriminatory

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Snowflake. This is term that will forever be directly related to the ‘wussifaction’ of America. It is a word aptly denoted to the weak-minded, and weak-willed followers of radical idealism. Idealism is rooted not in facts, or in logic, or even in science, but rather rooted in a false claim that ‘what you FEEL, is what’s right’.

Emotion. When you are consistently making the emotional argument, you will get the emotionally unstable to follow you. In comes liberal professors. For decades, our children have been their own socialist experiments, turning a once promising generation into a pile of emotional basket cases, hellbent on turning everything under the sun into a social justice cause.

Did I get a little too over dramatic? If you believe so, let’s dive into a recent change that one snowflake University has sought to establish with the help of the commie ran student government.

Enter University of Rochester, and the numerous students in attendance that have complained that fraternities, sororities and other ‘gender-specific’ groups on the campus have been doing the unthinkable and using such arrogant terms such as “men of principle,” “young men” and “group of women” in their advertisements. This is all according to the Universities All-Campus Judicial Council, and their sort-of ‘book of laws’ they have going.

Specifically, these phrases and words have combined against the snowflakes student government to form what they describe as “textual discrimination.”

To any sane American, it would be clear that this behavior from the communist student government was an infringement on the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

Not even the “Here Comes Treble All-Male A Capella” group, or the “Women’s Curling” group were safe from what this student government body of scumbags, who labeled these groups as well as others as, discriminatory towards gender — even if any of these groups under fire themselves have no such restrictions of certain genders joining.

A section from The Blaze explained the madness further:

Not only that, but the petitioners also complained that nine club sport groups as well as three a capella groups use descriptions such as “all-male” and “ensemble of 12 women” in their membership materials.

Yes, “Women’s Curling” and “Here Comes Treble All-Male A Capella” were cited as examples.

In the end, the judicial branch of the Students’ Associated Government agreed with the petitioners — and in its ruling, published earlier in May, indicated that SAG resources will not be available to violators.

The bogus ruling also included this:

“Even if an organization’s practices are not discriminatory based on gender, presence of gendered language in a constitution amounts to de facto discrimination in that it promotes a chilling effect on the number of students seeking membership in that group.”

It doesn’t matter what the long historical use of these groups are, these “gendered words” as well as their nicknames like “fraternity” and “brotherhood”, are no longer an acceptable form of speech on the campus.

The SAG ruling further cemented their Stalin-esque movement: “A name, even more than a constitution, may unintentionally turn away potential members with gendered language.”

The insanity of the future generation is set, folks. This university is one of hundreds of true stories you can find, that prove that the future generation of our country – at least a large portion of them – actually have no future.

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