Smoking Police Give Man 3 Tickets… For Smoking Alone in His Car!

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Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy and it can kill you, but does the government have the right to have smoking police force you to stop?

Seems in Ontario, they think they can, but a judge did not see it that way.

The justice of the peace agreed that the tickets went a step too far.

“It’s just a waste of taxpayers’ money as far as I’m concerned,” He said about the charges.

And a waste it is!

Smoking Police Give Man 3 Tickets... For Smoking Alone in His Car!

The 76-year-old owner of Sparkles Cleaning Service, Harry Kreamer, is a healthy guy who likes to smoke with his coffee,

He does sometimes at home with the windows open in his rec room as well as in his Porsche SUV.

But lately, the smoking police, the Smoke-Free Ontario enforcement officers have placed a no-smoking sign as a target on his back.

Ontario has these silly anti-smoking laws that set out stringent rules banning smoking in enclosed workplaces, enclosed public places, outdoor patios and vehicles where children are passengers and other spaces to protect people from second-hand smoke.

Well, since the car is registered to the company he owns, seems that he is not allowed to smoke in it, even though he is the only one who ever uses it. He doesn’t even conduct business in it. It is a Porsche SUV.

The smoking police slapped Kraemer with the charges last fall when he lit up inside the luxury SUV in a parking lot after he’d bought a doughnut and coffee.

The smoking police enforcement officer testified he was acting on “an anonymous complaint” when he watched Kraemer get into his SUV, drive to the coffee shop and through the drive-through and park.

“I proceeded to have my coffee, my doughnut and my cigarette, and he walked up and he gave me three tickets,” Kraemer said.

He took the matter to court, and thankfully won.

His defense lawyer Gordon Cudmore successfully argued that Kraemer wasn’t an employee, the SUV wasn’t a workplace where an employee might actually work and that “common sense” would dictate that Kraemer wasn’t breaking any smoking law.

No vaccum, broom, dustpan or work papers were found inside the vehicle and there was no distinctive Sparkles logo on the car with the rendering of a young woman with a dust mop that’s on the company’s fleet of white cars with green and yellow signage.

Kraemer went one step further. “Who would use a Porsche to do house cleaning with?” he said.

“If a Porsche pulled up to your house to clean your house, you would say, ‘What the hell is going on here.’”

Kraemer isn’t even an employee. He’s a shareholder who is paid with dividends from the business.

It is not the first time Kreamer has had run-ins with the Ontario smoking police. They have even zinged him in his own private office at work.

This is insanity! Who the hell do the people who passed these laws think they are?

You cannot sanitize the world of it’s problems and to try to do so with government interference always winds up in chaos.

Canadians and their smoking police are silly. I am sure California will be next. Smoking Police would fit in well within that insanity.

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