Skull Found In Cellar, May Belong To Missing 27-Year-Old From 30 Years Ago!

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When a human skull is found, it launches an investigation on who the skull belonged to, and how it came to be buried in the ground. But what happens when a buried skull is found in the cellar of a home? What happens when you find out on top of that revelation, that a woman who used to live in the house, had actually gone missing 30 years ago.

My guess is it’s a fair chance that the skull you just found, might actually solve a missing person’s cold case.

Of course this story is all true, and has to do with a current tenant who found a skull buried in the cellar of his Spanish Fork, Utah home last Monday. As it turns out, the home used to belong to Peggy Sue Case, a 27-year-old back in 1988 when she last seen in an argument with her live-in boyfriend, Michael I. Kurfin.

As soon as the current tenant and his friend who was with him at the time of the discovery, realized what they had stumbled across, they instantly called police. The skull had been buried deep, covered in plastic and some type of mesh material. Though the connection between Peggy Sue Case and the skull has not been substantiated yet by forensics, the odds of both incidents being related are highly probable.

The current resident of the home who found the remains, was actually in the process of moving, and with moving, comes renovations and repairs. This guy apparently had begun to dig in the cellar after discovering that the floor on a portion of the cellar were subsiding…An occurrence that can happen if there is no solid space underneath to hold up the top soil. The owner remembered something about a disappearance of a woman, and had become curious. It was this curiosity that may have sparked a reopening of a cold case.

Peggy Sue’s disappearing act was one that had confounded police in Spanish Fork ever since her friends had first reported her missing on July 15, 1988.

Peggy Sue worked at the Ensign-Bickford explosives plant in nearby Mapleton, and lived with her boyfriend Kurfin, according to contemporary news reports.

The woman was last seen leaving a hot tub party with Kurfin on July 9, 1988, and the two were arguing at the time, according to police.

Kurfin contacted Peggy Sue’s employer to say she was ill, and then told her coworkers that she’d gone out of town to buy a car, police said.

Cops found Kurfin’s story increasingly suspicious, and searched the home, including the cellar, but found nothing.
‘The detective at that time spent may many hours searching the residence, as well as the space beneath the residence and checked the cellar and removed some dirt from the cellar,’ Spanish Fork Police Lt. Matt Johnson told Fox 13.

Police say it’s possible the remains were buried in the cellar after the 1988 search. Without a body, Kurfin was never charged in Peggy Sue’s disappearance, but he was convicted or an unrelated theft charge and served five years in prison.

The police are now issuing that Kurfin is now considered a person of interest in the case, and that should the public have any information of his whereabouts, to contact them immediately. Illinois was his last know location, but as of today, he is in the wind.

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