SHOCKED New York Mother Finds “Foreign Squid Creature” In Her Coconut Water [PICTURES]

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Coconut water is often advertised as a “super drink.” Many believe it to be better for you than water — but for one woman, the beverage proved to be anything but healthy.

Cutting open a coconut water and finding what this lady found in hers would just kill me. NOPE! I just couldn’t do it.  She STILL doesn’t even know what it is! Wait until you see this thing…

This Mom of two had been suffering from sickness and diarrhea for several days after finding what she has described as an ‘octopus looking thing’ laying shriveled up at the bottom of her container. (As I am writing this…I am shivering from disgust!)

Her name is Barbara Kline and she posted a picture of this alien looking thing online, after already drinking nearly ALL of it. Poor girl…

It was a Vita Coco’s Pure Coconut Water and she had purchased it right there from her local ShopRite.

She reported to have been vomiting for days and dealing with diarrhea for over a week following the drinking of her coconut water. She finally learned why.

‘I feel absolutely sick to my stomach even talking about it,’ said Barbara, who works in the medical field.

‘I know there is some type of animal in there. I’ve got told it looks like a mouse, I got told it looks like a squid, I got told it looks like a bunch of things… that’s why I would like for somebody to get it tested for me that has more authority than me.

‘All I want is somebody to see it for themselves and understand that this is not right.

‘I understand that products get moldy and products get missed packaged and sometimes spoil but this is just too much for me.’

Barbara was a big fan of Vita Coco’s Pure Coconut water and admits it was her favorite thing to drink before the incident on April 25.

She posted about the incident on her Facebook page, which has now been shared over 43,000 times.

The drink was still due to expire on 21 July this year and had been kept in the refrigerator until Barbara was ready to drink it, she said.

Barbara said: ‘I took out of my refrigerator. I shook it, I opened it, I put a straw in it and then I drank it.’

‘It was only when I unknowingly swallowed one of those clumps I realized it tasted awful and I started vomiting. The diarrhea honestly just stopped on Friday.’

‘I immediately dumped out all the water. I shook it because I heard stuff bouncing around. I opened it with a knife and that’s when I discovered the octopus looking thing. There were four of them all together, maybe five and I swallowed one of them.’

Blood tests were required when Barbara had visited her doctor to try and get down to the bottom of what was causing her symptoms. She also sent a clump of the object and her doctor’s notes to the company and is hoping that she will hear back from them on WHAT exactly the mystery object is. She intends to use the leftover remains to send in for independent examination as well, for back-up.

A spokesman for Vita Coco said: “We have been in touch with the consumer, Barbara Kline, multiple times since April 26, 2017”.

‘We take all consumer inquiries and product quality issues very seriously, and as a global brand have protocols to properly investigate quality inquiries.

‘We asked Ms. Kline for the product information for this unit on April 26, 2017 so that we could report the issue to quality control and investigate it further, but only received that information on Friday, May 5, 2017.

‘As it stands now, we are reviewing Ms. Kilne’s claim thoroughly so we can assist her in the best manner possible.

‘Vita Coco employ the highest standards of food safety at all its production facilities and our beverages are quality and food safety tested internally, and also by an external quality control specialist, before being distributed.

‘However, because Vita Coco beverages do not contain preservatives, on rare occasion, random spoilage may occur. This is what we are investigating now with Ms. Kline.’

Yes accidents do happen, and their point makes sense. It’s just…. EWWWWWW!

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