SHARIA LAW Living And Breathing In Schools Right HERE On AMERICAN SOIL!

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If history repeats itself, and you can bet that it does, then what has been found in our schools is a sure sign that it will only get worse, if we don’t get this under control NOW. This is very disturbing news on Sharia Law…so prepare yourself.

San Diego has seemed to become Ground Zero for the indoctrination of Islamic education here in American Public Schools! After years of history in yielding to Islamic demands and as you have seen more recently, even more alarming submissions, it appears that San Diego schools are leading the way into a world we don’t want to exist.

Allegedly it has been found that their present Islam-centric curriculum- that has been given input from resources such as Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations – starts with raising First Amendment issues, as well as delving into serious concerns of favoritism towards Muslim students over students of other faiths. If this does not concern you, it should.

San Diego Unified School District reflects a history of accommodation to the needs and demands of Muslim students beginning back in 2007. It was that year that one of their elementary schools ignited controversy when 100 Somali Muslim students had transferred in from a closed charter school. In order to accommodate these new students, the elementary school rescheduled its’ recess periods to allow a 15-minute break each afternoon for Muslim prayers. Arabic was also added to their curriculum and pork was removed from their cafeteria food.

Are you concerned yet? Well, there is more.

In collaboration with the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR), an anti-bullying campaign was instituted and aimed at specifically protecting Muslim students. In the launch of this initiative, SDUSD cited that there was an unsubstantiated study by CAIR claiming that 55% of American Muslim students that were surveyed in California claimed they were bullied due to their religion. So what does this mean for the school and students? Well it means that this new program will be adding lessons on Islam to the social studies curriculum and emphasizing prominent Muslims in history, in turn providing Muslim-ONLY safe spaces.

Muslim holidays will be added to the school calendar, and there will be support and more resources provided for Muslim students during Ramadan. In addition to these positive changes for those of the Muslim faith there will be extra restrictions and disciplinary actions also installed for those that are not. These measures will be created to be placed on the so-called bullying of Muslims as cited by CAIR. Instead of detention, the school has put into place a “restorative justice” program in where students dialogue with each other about perceived bullying words or actions. So, brainwashing?

You should know that SDUSD was NOT as accommodating to a Christian student back in 1993 when they were successfully sued after denying a high school student’s request for a lunchtime Bible study group. Are you wondering how the parents are feeling about their child’s new curriculum? Well, they are pissed about this attempt to indoctrinate their children, and the news is spreading like wildfire.

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What do you think about all this that is happening right under our noses in our OWN country that is based on liberties the Muslim faith does not support? What do you want to be done about it?

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