Scientists FINALLY Discover How To Cure THIS Skin Disease- Millions CHEERING!

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Is Eczema curable? What’s the cause of this skin irritation?

I know a few of my family members that have gotten this irritation on their skin, most them have gotten rid of it completely with the help of prescribed creams and medications.

It kind of scared me at times because they would scratch until it bled.

From what I understand they have been doing research on this skin condition for so long, if they have finally discovered a cure, it would be a miracle.


The cure for the skin disease that has haunted, plagued, ruined the lives of many for so many years is on the BRINK of having a cure. Not something to help make it more bearable, not something to make it a little less itchy and obnoxious, but an actual CURE!

Eczema…the bane of many humans’ lives.

All this time scientists have been unsure as to exactly what causes this horrid skin condition to flare up and ruin lives. We’re talking millions of lives too.

Those who know how awful this disease can be are the same people that have had to endure trying many different creams of different blends to just get some kind of relief, their itchy, red, and irritated skin.

Now, new research coming out of Newcastle University is offering hope of an actual treatment that is targeting the very root of problem, not just covering up the symptoms.

What has been discovered during their research is that those that suffer from the disease are missing a vital protein called filaggrin in their skin. This is very new information.

This lack of protein then is the cause of what drives the development of the debilitating condition that affects millions.

Lead author Professor Nick Reynolds said: ‘We have shown for the first time that loss of the filaggrin protein alone is sufficient to alter key proteins and pathways involved in triggering eczema.

‘This research reinforces the importance of filaggrin deficiency leading to problems with the barrier function in the skin and predisposing someone to eczema.’

Researchers tested human skin models that were lacking filaggrin for the study which was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

They found that removing the protein triggered the same genetic signals as those who suffer from eczema.

These included inflammation of the skin, breakdown of cell structure and stress response – which all cause the condition, they noted.

The findings allow for scientists to get a better understanding of the condition, opening up a potential route for a cure.

Now it has been discovered that this is more common in children, and often is developed even before a child turns one, plaguing them far into adulthood. The itching that goes along with the disease effects the very well-being of the sufferer and also in many cases leads to sleep disturbance.

This disease has a very severe impact on the lives of many who would give anything just to have normal skin without all the irritation, and obnoxious symptoms that has the power to really put a damper on life.

“Why is there alack of fillagrin, that is the question that should be answered, and how are they going to produce fillagrin and find a suitable way of administering it to sufferers.” – jon

“Had numerous appointments with skin consultant. Hands and finger would split and bleed for years. My husband left and they are now perfect…no ointments, medication, gloves.” – starfish

“Try removing dairy from your diet and also check out the BBC show Trust me I’m a doctor and their piece on a new enzyme cream that kills the staph bacteria on the skin that they think causes eczema. The cream is available from a company called Gladskin.” – col

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