Saudi King Shatters Tradition To Welcome Melania Trump!

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Since Donald Trump has been President, there have been a few changes. First, Trump made some major changes with the decor inside the White House itself. He removed the the red drapes, brought back the bust of Winston Churchill, added the gold sunburst rug and added Andrew Jackson’s portrait. Next, there were the obvious changes in staff and more importantly policy changes.

Beyond the words and policy changes came Trump’s actions. Actions that spoke louder than words. Actions like using Tomahawks against Syria for using chemical weapons on innocent citizens. Actions like dropping a MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan for wreaking havoc and destruction. President Trump used these actions to also say to the world, “America is back”.

In Saudi Arabia on Saturday, President Trump again demonstrated this same message to King Salman.

H/T Western Journalism:

In a greeting that was likened in one media account to the kind bestowed upon “visiting royalty,” Saudi Arabia welcomed President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and their entourage Saturday.

?‼️?? in ! No headscarf and a handshake!

As reported by The Washington Post, “Trump, his wife, Melania, and an entourage including virtually his entire senior White House staff and much of his Cabinet, were serenaded by military bands, treated to a flyover of Saudi jets, feted in opulent palaces and given the undivided attention of King Salman.”

The 81-year-old king appeared at the airport in Riyadh to welcome the Trumps, and cast custom to the winds as he did so.

As Melania Trump set foot on Saudi soil, the king shook her hand, a gesture that shattered Muslim traditions in which men do not shake the hands of women.

The act did not go unnoticed. This was certainly one difference that was noted, but certainly not the only difference.

@LeahR77 Melania did the respected thing with the nice pant suit, no scarf needed, and she waited for them to extend a handshake. Great First Lady!

Shout out to our First Lady. This is the first time a Saudi King has ever been seen in public shaking a woman’s hand.

In addition to the hand shake….there was also no scarf worn by First Lady Melanie!

Can you spot the difference? Thank you Melania for representing America with pride in Saudi Arabia. No PC, no headscarf.

One commentator noted that coupled with the refusal of Melania and Ivanka Trump to wear headscarves, it was a very non-traditional start to the Saudi leg of Trump’s first foreign trip as President.

“As usual, the mainstream media is falling all over themselves to report the best criticisms they can come up with. Funny enough, the widespread obsession with critiquing the president has the media missing the real story on this one,” wrote Mary Kate Knorr on Young Conservatives.

“The Saudi Arabian King shook Melania’s hand. The Quran forbids Muslim men from shaking hands with women. And Muslims are kinda pissed about it,” she added.

….Another difference that was also noted …unlike President Obama, President Trump did NOT bow…President Donald Trump gave Saudi King Salman a firm handshake as he walked the red carpet prepared for him upon his landing Saturday in Riyadh.

Twitter noted the differences on this too:

28m28 minutes ago

?NEWS FLASH for liberals: Bending over to allow a Saudi half your size to put a necklace over your head without a ladder, isn’t a bow.? -VJ

GREAT AGAIN: Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t bow..

I know LIBS are going to make fun of me, but I’m feeling such AMERICAN PRIDE today watching our and ! Chills! ??

Speaking of honor….Trump, who made Saudi Arabia his first foreign destination as president, greeted the king with a translator standing nearby.

“I’m very happy to see you,” Salman said to Trump.

The president replied that it was a “great honor” to visit Saudi Arabia.

When Trump was later awarded a medal by Salman, some on Twitter claimed Trump bowed to the king, while others noted Trump needed to lower his head to allow the king to drape the medal over the head of the much taller Trump.

There is certainly a HUGE difference between THIS picture of President Trump kind of “squatting” to allow the King to drape the medal over his head and the picture of former President Obama (above) who actually did bend over at the waist and DID bow.

Trump said he had “a tremendous day” in Riyadh.

“Tremendous investments in the United States,” he said. “Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Again, the trip was more about conveying a message to not only Saudi Arabia, but the world that…AMERICA IS BACK!!!! That the world needs to know if scumbags like ISIS and other terrorist groups want to wreak havoc on innocent citizens and challenge the rest of the world with global terrorism…well America is going to step in and take action if needed. Remember Syria and the Tomahawks? Remember ISIS in Afghanistan and the MOAB? Take note.

America is back. President Trump doesn’t bow and First Lady Melania doesn’t wear headscarves.

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