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Satanic Monument To Be Erected At Veteran’s Park…


Who could possibly be behind this? What could possibly be going through their minds?? Is it right, to put this monument on this sacred grounds??

For all those who have lost their lives serving our country, this is how they are repaid. What will the families of these veteran’s think?

A veterans memorial park in Belle Plaine, Minn. will install a satanic monument among other statutory homages.

The Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts is behind the memorial and it is expected to be in the park next month.

According to the Associated Press, the decision came after the Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened to file a lawsuit over another tribute showing a soldier kneeling over a grave marked with a cross.

Doug Mesner, founder of the Satanic Temple and its nonprofit group Reason Alliance, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the group doesn’t worship Satan, but is a non-theistic, religious group.

“It’s certainly better to preserve the First Amendment than to preserve your notions of religious supremacy on public grounds. That’s certainly not what America was founded on and certainly not what our soldiers fought for,” he said.

The city removed the cross at first when the issue was brought to their attention, but locals demanded the cross be returned.

City Administrator Mike Votca told the AP the city had to include all faiths and non-faiths alike, so it established a free speech zone for everybody. All the tributes, however, must honor veterans.

Here are a few thoughts from those around the world, I warn you some are ignorant and some ok.

My honest opinion is that, This memorial site is sacred to those who have served for our rights and our country and to have that monument put up, is DISRESPECTFUL.

“As soon as they put up, tear it down!” – Larry

“Is not that park part of the NPS ? if so, they can not do it anything without the YES of the federal agency or secretary of the interior,, Simple
With the federal government saying you can not remove the cross and much less that f…ing satanic thing, is up to the federal….” – DAlverez

“While symbols of Christianity are being banned and torn down across this nation, symbols of evil are replacing them. Just what the heii have we become?? But, it’s minnesota, home of the blue, lliberals, and American somalia.” – billbrandy

“Wow, are you deranged. I’m the farthest thing from a progressive/communist you can possibly get, but I do understand the Constitution and the First Amendment and I recognize that if WE conservatives refuse to respect the Free Exercise, Establishment and Free Speech clauses when it comes to acts we disagree with we are simply giving the leftists, progressives, communists and democrats exactly the ammunition they need to destroy the very foundations of this nation.

A “Satanic” monument harms no on, just like a Christian monument harms no one. If you don’t like Satan or Christ, then just walk on by both of them.

If you want you can pray that the Satanists find Christ, and you can even sprinkle holy water on their monument if you like. You can even rant and rave like a frothing-at-the-mouth liberal, as you have done here, if you want.

But what you can’t do is object to the monument without being a gross hypocrite by insisting yours should remain in place.” – scott

“If we pretend to be snowflakes we’ll be justifying their claiming to be snowflakes. We have to be more mature, more rational and more tolerant than they are or we are in fact no different than they are.

The monument isn’t a masked liberal antifa thug throwing gasoline bombs or beating people up, so the response needs to be different than one would engage in while exercising self-defense against an antifa thug.” – weiser


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