Restaurant Serves Muslim Pork Chili Cheese Fries, Then Pays A Price!

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If you’re a vegetarian…by most standards you don’t eat meat. When you’re eating out, you read the menu, and find yourself ordering vegetables and grains, but no meat. In otherwords, you are responsible for your own actions. You’re a vegetarian and you select your own food based on your own preferences. That seems logical, right?

If you are a Muslim, you are not going to eat bacon or pork. It is forbidden. If you dine out in a restaurant, most likely you will read the menu and not order anything that has pork or a pork product like ham or bacon in it. In other words, it’s YOUR responsibility.

Here’s a Muslim that thinks otherwise. He dined out, but he didn’t read the menu, didn’t ask for ingredients, didn’t mention his faith or his forbidden foods when he ordered…BUT he still blames the restaurant for the pork in his food! Go figure!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

A Muslim man who ate half of a beef burger and chili cheese fries dish before discovering that the chili contained pork quickly went from being horrified beyond the capacity for rational thought to being outright indignant about the whole affair.

“I had food in my mouth and I spat it out and went to the toilet, where I was sick,” U.K. resident Naz Ali later told the Birmingham Mail about the dish he had eaten Monday at a pub in the British town of Streetly.

“I’ve eaten in all kinds of places in London and Birmingham, and I’ve never had an experience like this,” he said. “For religious purposes I don’t eat pork, and restaurants should be aware of what people of different religions can and can’t eat. It was a shambles.”

Sorry to break it to Mr. Ali, but the blame for this incident is entirely on his shoulders: He admitted to the Mail that he never even told the waitress about his aversion to pork.

“My friend is a Sikh and we had been joking about not having bacon on the burgers we ordered, but the waitress didn’t pick up on it at all,” he said. “I fancied a side to go with the burger, so I ordered the chill chips. It had what I thought was chicken stuck right in the middle.”

It’s as if he expected her to just read his mind or, even worse, question his religious beliefs. Just try and imagine what sort of uproar might have been triggered had the unnamed waitress began asking Ali about his Muslim faith.

Note that the U.K. is “ruled by political correctness,” as was noted by the Gatestone Institute five years ago. Of course, it was this same PC culture that led to last year’s historic Brexit vote, but it would be naive to think that this wave of madness has since evaporated into thin air. It’s still there — just not as ubiquitous as before.

So, are food servers and restaurants responsible for asking customers what their faith is to determine if they can have certain foods or not? I don’t think so. It’s all up to the customer. Food servers have enough to do.

Of course, if a customer asks, then yes, the waiter/waitress should tell the customer the ingredients of the food. They usually do if you ask them. Naz Ali NEVER asked. He can’t assume this server knew he was Muslim or that he is forbidden to eat pork. She’s not a psychic.

Most customers take responsibility for what they eat! Period. Maybe next time, Naz Ali, you should do the same!

I’d consider it a compliment that the management picked up the tab and you didn’t have to pay for the food – YOU screwed up on! Maybe next time you should ASK ahead of time – BEFORE you order – BEFORE you eat it! That’s what most citizens do – they’re responsible for their OWN actions.

What do you think? Shouldn’t Ali be blamed for eating the pork? Let us know in the comments.




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