Report: Top Conservatives Planning New Network to Replace Fox News!

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We all know that liberals are not happy Hillary Clinton lost the election and they are STILL doing everything they can to attack the media. It is an all out assault on conservative news and stations like the Fox News Network. That’s evident from the recent attack on Bill O’Reilly and ‘The Factor’ – the highest rated show on cable news for several years.

The attack from the left came fast and furious, now Bill’s out.  But do you really think the left is happy with just the firing of Bill O’Reilly? Hardly.

Recently false accusations from liberals on the left of sexual harassment flew against Sean Hannity as well. Former Fox News guest, Debbie Schlussel accused Hannity of alleged “advances”. It seems Hannity invited Schlussel to his hotel for a drink. So, what!

That may have been a miss, but the left is still swinging hard! Is this the beginning of the end of conservative news for Fox News? Or is co-President Bill Shine on his way out soon? Where will Conservatives go for news if Fox News is no longer what it is now?

H/T Conservative Tribune:

A report from Mediaite published Friday says that “an alternative conservative network is being actively discussed amongst conservative fat cats” due to concerns over the ideological drift of Fox News.

According to the report, a source close to the matter told the liberal-leaning Mediaite that “serious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Channel is moving too far to the left.”

“The source, who is engaged in the talks, says a meeting is planned for today with two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network,” it continued.

The Friday meeting came on the heels of several weeks of turmoil at the network. In addition to the departure of Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment claims, a profile of Rupert Murdoch’s sons James and Lachlan in The New York Times last weekend claimed the two were moving away from the “old-guard culture on which their father built his empire” and wanted “a warmer and fuzzier workplace” at Fox News.

A New York magazine article pointed in a similar direction, saying a “management shake-up” was in the offing and reporting that Murdoch’s sons refused to give network co-president Bill Shine a vote of confidence after “withering press coverage of Fox News in recent weeks.”

In a tweet Thursday, Fox News personality Sean Hannity said that if Shine departed, “that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done.”

According to Mediaite, the new network “could immediately reach at least 85 million homes.” That’s all good, but who would be the on-air talent?

Bill O’Reilly was one name immediately mentioned by Mediaite, as was Tomi Lahren, the former host who’s on the outs at TheBlaze.

In addition, a leftward drift of Fox News would likely mean a number of the more solidly conservative members of the staff would jump ship. While it’s too early to speculate, it doesn’t sound like Sean Hannity, for instance, is all that jazzed about the “warmer and fuzzier” Fox News.

Can you imagine Fox News no longer being the #1 Conservative News Network for conservatives to turn to? Pretty crazy, but certainly it’s not that farfetched.

Roger Ailes is out. Bill O’Reilly is out. Is Bill Shine next? Shine has had the reputation of being Ailes’s “henchman”. If Roger and Bill both were fired because of ‘sexual harassment’ allegations, and Bill Shine was Ailes’s “henchman” it doesn’t seem that farfetched to think he would soon be gone as well.

So if you haven’t heard the parent company of Fox News, 21st Century Fox is trying to purchase the rest of Sky PLC. There seems to be one little thing that it’s ‘caught up on’ – anybody or anything to do with sexual harassment allegations – that includes Bill Shine. British regulators have delayed their recommendation of the approval which was originally scheduled for May 15th because of all these alleged sexual harassment allegations.

Now it seems, Sean Hannity, Bill Shine’s colleague and friend for years is the only one speaking out at Fox News.

Tweeting with the hashtag #Istandwithshine, Hannity predicted on Thursday that if Shine loses his job, “that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done.”

In a subsequent tweet, directed at New York magazine national editor Gabriel Sherman, Hannity added: “Somebody HIGH UP AND INSIDE FNC is trying to get an innocent person fired. And Gabe I KNOW WHO it is.”

Looks like conservatives alike will all soon be watching another network thanks to the Murdochs and the ‘spring cleaning’ taking place at Fox News. Who that is or where that is for now is unknown, but it looks like it’s evitable.

Just another day of liberals at their finest. Stay tuned for a new Conservative News Network or ‘no spin zone’ coming soon to a station near you! Fox News may be changing, but that doesn’t mean liberals can keep conservatives from reporting the REAL news.

Rock on Patriots!


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