RECALL! California Governor Moonbeam Loses It! Calls Taxpayers “Liars” & “Freeloaders”

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Californians have been using the word recall again in response to being blindsided by the recent massive tax increases and Governor Brown may have just put his own name at the top of the list!

In a speech in Orange County last week Brown responded to criticism over a new $52 billion tax hike that was hastily rammed through Sacramento by the Democrat super-majority over the objections of taxpayers across the state.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

RECALL! California Governor Moonbeam Loses It! Calls Taxpayers "Liars" & "Freeloaders"

The new taxes include a 12 cent increase in the gas tax. The California gas tax was already one of the highest in the nation. They also include an increase in car registration fees averaging $50 per car owner. Some will see their annual registration increase by as much as $180.

The gas tax has been allocated for roads for decades and yet Sacramento has consistently raided the funds for outrageous programs like the high speed rail boondoggle, tuition and licenses for illegal immigrants.

That did not stop Governor Moonbeam from blaming the taxpayers!

“Roads require money to fix,” Brown said during a Friday visit to Orange County. “Republicans say there’s a magic source of money — it doesn’t exist. …You want to borrow money and pay double? Or do nothing? Or take money from universities?”

Who the hell does he think he is? I feel a recall coming to the California Governor’s mansion! You heard it here first!

Republicans filed recall papers last month for freshman State Sen. Josh Newman over the new gas tax and vehicle registration fees. Rumors are that the issue could make some big changes in California!

It was not but 15 years ago, Governor Grey Davis was easily recalled and Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected over anger about vehicle registration fees. History repeats itself!

On April 6, Sacramento passed a $52 billion transportation package to be paid for by increased gas and vehicle registration fees. As most Californians are inattentive to what is going on in their capitol, it comes as a surprise when it hits their pocket book. Well, they are beginning to notice!

If Republicans can gather the required signatures, the election would be held shortly after the Nov. 1 start of the gas tax hike.

Kira Davis gave the best commentary I have seen on the issue at I will let her opine:

Let’s review this statement, in case you’re having trouble interpreting his meaning. If you work and pay taxes, if you struggle to pay your most basic bills while “owing” the California government a third of your paycheck (or more), Jerry Brown thinks you’re a freeloader.

The 1,000,000 citizens in Los Angeles county alone who collect food stamps provided by taxpayers are not freeloaders. The millions of illegal immigrants being harbored in California’s sanctuary cities to the cost of taxpayers are not freeloaders. Illegal immigrants being provided “free” legal help by the state on the backs of taxpayers are not freeloaders. The bloodsuckers in the Sacramento legislature who get paid $178 a day in per diem funds on top of their bloated salaries just for walking in the door to their job every day are not freeloaders.

No, you – the burdened, law-abiding taxpayer are the freeloader for simply asking the government of California be more fiscally responsible with the money they already have instead of stealing more of your money without your consent to pay for programs that are already funded but have been raided for pet projects and personal enrichment.

Governor Brown claims we’ll all be driving on gravel roads if we don’t give up our incomes at gunpoint as he is demanding.

When will California learn and start taking back Sacramento? After Rome is finished burning? It is a mess!

California is in 46th place in the country for unemployment. Unemployment in the Central Valley is as high as 30% in many places. People and businesses are leaving the state in droves, including over 4 million taxpayers since 1998! Ya’ know Moonbeam… those “Lying” and “Freeloading” taxpayers”!

Keep in mind that earning the 46th worst unemployment ranking in the nation is an amazing feat/failure for California politicians. California is arguable the most blessed state in the union. Between its natural resources (including loads of fracking-friendly oil), its trade friendly coastlines, its world-renowned entertainment, and hi-tech industries, it takes some doing for government policies to produce such unemployment. 46th is the state of the California economy—but that’s not all.

California’s government, for all intents and purposes, is run by politicians from the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Those areas are the state’s major population centers. LA County, for instance, is more populated than 42 states in our Union.

So, basically, no end in sight. So glad I moved to Texas!!!


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