After Whites Are Banned from Ceremony, Look What Racist Black Professor Wants Whites To Do…

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A racist University of Hawaii math professor Piper Harron hates whites with a passion.

She recently wrote a hit piece titled, “Get Out The Way.” a racist-fueled rant published for the American Mathematical Society.

Harron demands that all white people “get out of the way” of blacks in America.

After Whites Are Banned from Ceremony, Look What Racist Black Professor Wants Whites To Do

She wants every white to immediately quit their job. She wants to make room for blacks who “deserve success” above everyone else.

Be prepared, it’s insane:

“Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion,” she began. “Statistically speaking, you are probably taking up room that should go to someone else. If you are a white man you almost certainly should resign from your position of power.”

If that opening paragraph didn’t adequately portray her hatred for white people, there’s much more:

“Get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person … Remember that you live in a world where people don’t succeed in a vacuum; most success happens on the backs of others who did not consent. You have no idea how successful you would have been if you were still you, but with an additional marginalization (not white, or not male, or not cis gender, or with a disability, etc).”

Harron then started ripped into conservatives who are nothing but bigots and homophobes according to her small little brain:

“Ask yourself who benefits when your sexist society views (“traditional”) marriage as sacred. Ask yourself how we’d talk about marriage and divorce if women were allowed to be. I’m convinced that mixed in with the homophobia that propelled conservatives to suddenly want government all up in our personal lives was misogyny that said it just isn’t “marriage” if you don’t have one man (ruling) and one woman (being ruled).”

She then went on to give advice to universities across America, who she demands should continue to make all white men pay reparations for what happened to blacks 200 years ago by simply refusing to hire them.

“What can universities do? Well, that’s easier. Stop hiring white men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing … When the applications come in, remember society makes dominant applicants look better than they are. Society makes marginalized applicants look worse than they are. There is no objectivity. There is no meritocracy.”

Harron concluded:

“I know you’re not going to quit your job, but I want you to understand that you should. And to understand that by keeping your job and your other unearned privileges, you are running a continued debt to marginalized people and you should always be seeking ways to pay us back. Not to alarm you, but statistically speaking you are the problem. Your very presence. I can’t tell you what is the best strategy for you to stop blocking my path. I can just ask that you please get out of my way.

While this is the worst of the worst, this is the mentality that has permeated our college classes. Where is the MSM? Crickets!

Just this month, Harvard University held a separate graduation ceremony just for their black students.

The American University in Washington D.C. announced their plans for a  special cafeteria on campus where only blacks will be allowed, after caving to their black students who demanded a “sanctuary for people of color.”

Where does it end?


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