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North Carolina House Passes Bill To Protect Motorists Who Hit Protesters While Driving!


It is not just in the US; protesters all over the world have taken to the absurdity of blocking traffic to make their point. North Carolina has decided to do something about it.

Snowflake protesters in North Carolina just got hit with this epic bill from the state legislature.

This is how they’re going to protect motorists from illegal protests…

Liberals are going to hate this.

North Carolina House Passes Bill To Protect Motorists Who Hit Protesters While Driving

A  bill that has passed North Carolina’s House of Representatives would shield motorists who unintentionally hit protesters blocking roads from civil liability, WFAE reported.

Last year, in the wake of the killing of Keith Lamont Scott, protesters took over Charlotte city streets, even marching down sections of I-277 and I-85.

The often chanted “Who’s street? Our street!”

All this caught the attention of Republican Representative Justin Burr of Montgomery County.

“As we’ve seen, time and time again, as folks run out in the middle of the streets and the interstates in Charlotte and attempt to block traffic,”

Burr said as he introduced the bill. He wants to ensure “drivers don’t have to fear driving through Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina.”

Now there are many ways this could be done.

But Burr decided to go in a controversial direction with House Bill 330.

He explains the bill this way, “provides that a person driving an automobile while exercising due care is immune for civil liability for any injury to another if the injured person was participating in a demonstration or protest and blocking traffic.”

Translation: a driver who hits, or even runs over, a protester on a street could be shielded from lawsuits by the person they injure.

The bill now heads to the Senate for approval. One hopes the upper chamber acts quickly and passes this bill.

Liberal snowflakes are melting all over North Carolina!

This country was founded on the art of protest! The Boston Tea Party was one of the finest!

But blocking citizens from driving down the road is not a protest, it is an antic. It is a dangerous antic at that!

These people are breaking the law and putting people in danger. There is no reason if you are playing in the road and get hurt that someone else should be responsible.

“These people are nuts to run in front of cars like they do … and say, ‘me and my buddy here are going to stop this two-and-a-half-ton vehicle,’” Rep. Michael Speciale, who supports the bill, said. “If somebody does bump somebody, why should they be held liable?”

They should not he liable. Personal responsibility. You play, you pay.

It’s like Colin Kaepernick! He had the right to protest, although what he did was also an antic, and now he is paying the price. No one wants to pick him for their team because he is embarrassing!

Go protest! That is awesome! But do a REAL protest! Don’t take the lazy way out! Real protests are hard work!

Better yet, get involved!  Run for office! Call a congressman! But don’t stand in the middle of the road. Children do that.



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