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Police Officer Pulls Mother Of Two Over With NO Car Seats- Story VIRAL For What He Did Next


In this world today we see many Police Officers get the bad end of the stick, being predictable because of what other officers had done. Being filmed only when they are doing something cruel or violent to someone. But truth is, there is still GOOD cops around.

It’s not very often we see an officer being filmed or someone catching them in the act of doing something to give back to the community. In this situation this Police Officer did something not even most people would do for others even if they could.

He did something by not only giving to this family but saving them from a horrible tragedy in the long run.

A lot of people either don’t care for the safety of their children or can’t afford it at times.

This wonderful police officer who stopped this vehicle only to find that the two toddlers inside the vehicle were not in car seats decided to give them a surprise than a ticket.

Officer Hunter Schweickart of the Hilliard, Ohio police department made a routine traffic stop on Friday and found three children in the car.

The three-year-old and two-year-old did not have car seats. An eight-month-old was properly restrained.

This officer could have ticketed the family, but he did something much more heartwarming.

He went to a nearby Target store and purchased two Evenflo car seats for the two toddlers with his own money. Mind you the seats can range in price from $50-$200.

Unknowingly the officer did not realize or notice that his supervisor, who had followed him decided to capture the sweet moment for future preferences. Without noticing or realizing his supervisor was capturing the moments, the officer wet

The officer tracked down the family of the two toddlers to surprise them with the items he purchased, which the force posted on Facebook. The Agency is very proud to have officers with big hearts who go above and beyond for the community they serve.

According to friends, this is the kind of thing this officer does on a regular basis. Rather than giving people a reason to be mad about, he gives them a reason to be thankful, grateful, and a perspective of those officers that have a kind heart.

‘Hunter Schweickart also follows friends home to make sure they get there safely when the wife is asleep and the tired husband is driving weird at 2am from NY. Great cop and great soul!!!’ a friend posted on Facebook.

Schweickart was a military police officer and Marine who worked presidential security detail for former President Obama. He started with the Hilliard Police Department in May 2014.

He is married to Cyndi, who wrote ‘Couldn’t be more proud,’ on Facebook.

Schweickart made local news in 2015 when he was sitting in his patrol car on the side of the road and was hit by an apparent drunk driver, according to This Week News. He was uninjured. Chief Robert Fisher told that Schweickart’s burst of generosity was captured when his supervisor decided to follow him into Target to ‘see what he was up to.’ That’s when he caught the officer buying the seats.
‘[Schweickart] saw an opportunity to help and he took advantage of it,’ said the chief. ‘He’s just a very good-hearted, very caring and compassionate person.’

“I love stories like this !!!!!!” – one person commented.

“I guess that makes him the good cop. lol” – celebfan2006

“His boss “followed” him into Target to see what he was up to? LMAO fake news” – milesP

Let me just say that, one thing I cant see is people assume whether it was staged or the business paid for it. Why is it so hard to accept that sometimes people actually want to do good for the community. So many people commented just irrelevant and ignorant things, its so sad to know that many people are so immune to seeing people doing bad that they don;t even realize or appreciate when someone does good, especially a police officer. All I have to say is thank you to the Police Officer that did this, great job to you for wanting to help a less fortunate family.

Great job and keep it up!


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