Police Officer Pats Down Suspect. Back At Station, Officer’s Body Goes Numb and Collapses on Floor…

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Police officers have a very difficult job. Every day they put their lives on the line chasing scumbags like robbers, rapists, drug dealers, and you name it. Sometimes, they aren’t even aware of the risk they put themselves in, until it’s almost too late.

Patrolman Chris Green of the East Liverpool Police Department in Ohio is a big guy – over 225 pounds, but it only took a lethal drug that was airborne to almost cause him to lose his life. He was doing his job, but Green accidentally brushed a powdered drug off his shirt with his bare hands.  Before he knew it, he was falling backwards into a door.

H/T Liftable:

An undercover police officer from East Liverpool, Ohio, is thankful to be alive after accidentally overdosing on a powerful drug that can kill an adult in an instant — fentanyl. The officer is expected to make a full recovery after his accidental brush with death.

Patrolman Chris Green of the East Liverpool Police Department is described as a strong, athletic, 225-lb man, but all it took was one touch of fentanyl to send his body into an intense drug overdose. Green came in contact with the powerful opioid during a vehicle search on May 13.

“When I got to the scene, he was covered in it,” Green recalled of the suspect, noting the two suspects were trying to hide the drugs by smashing them into the car floor. “I patted him down, and that was the only time I didn’t wear gloves. Otherwise, I followed protocol.”

But it wasn’t long before Green, now back at the station with the suspects and drug evidence, began feeling the effects of the fentanyl. “I started talking weird, I slowly felt my body shutting down,” Green recalled.

Able to hear but unable to speak, Green realized exactly what was happening to his body, as the powerful synthetic opioid five times as strong as heroin coursed through his veins. “No way I’m overdosing,” he remembers thinking to himself.


Green was rushed to East Liverpool City Hospital where three doses of Narcan finally revived him — in addition to the first dose he received while still at the police station. “Officer Green does a great job, and it was just a freak accident that he would accidentally bump up against something while he was searching this vehicle, and for him to drop out like that is shocking,” said Captain Patrick Wright of the East Liverpool Police.

“Chris is a big strong guy,” Wright added. “He’s an ex MMA fighter, he’s 225 pounds, all the muscle, and it overtook him just like that.”

Green believes that in the midst of the terrifying ordeal, God protected him. “God was surely looking over me,” Green expressed, and his colleagues agree.

“If he would have been alone, he would have been dead,” noted Police Chief John Lane. “That’s how dangerous this stuff is.”

Chief Lane pointed out another terrifying possibility that thankfully was prevented. “What if he went home and got it on his family members?” Lane stated, which is a real possibility for law enforcement coming into contact with such deadly synthetic drugs.

After feeling the after-effects of the fentanyl, Green can’t imagine anyone willingly taking the drug. He described the pain in his head as “like it’s in a vice grip, my heart feels like I got kicked in the chest and my stomach feels like I have a case of the flu.”

“I can’t wrap my head around [why anyone would take the drugs],” Green declared. In addition to the injury caused to Green, police stated that a child’s car seat was installed in the backseat of the drug vehicle, and that the mother of the child came around to try and collect the seat.

Police refused, as the vehicle, and everything inside was contaminated with fentanyl. Chief Lane said they planned to seize the car and make sure it was destroyed.

How INSANE is THAT! A cop almost dies from a brush of the powder, but this lady wants her car seat for her child!? Incredibly STUPID!

Chris Green is an average police officer, just doing his job. He accidentally gets powder on his shirt, brushes it off…and BAM! The guy almost dies!  Never in a million years, I’m sure, did Chris Green think he would get an overdose from brushing off a powder from his shirt. Talk about a brush with death.

This is what our law enforcement officers deal with every day…it’s part of their job and part of the risks they take every day.

President Trump declared this week, May 14 – 20th as Police Week. We certainly honor all the men and women of law enforcement, especially those killed or disabled in the line of duty. Millions of police officers across the country help to serve and protect our communities to keep them safe, even as they risk their lives.

Green: “You sign up for a job, you know is dangerous, your thinking of guns, robbers, and knives. You’re not thinking that a particle of dust or drug killing you.

God Bless Chris Green and all our law enforcement officers!

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