In PC Washington: Suspects are Now Community Members and Inmates are Students!

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Political correctness has run amuck in Washington state as Seattle police must report suspects as community members and prisoners are now to be called students!

Have they lost their minds?

Of course conservatives and Christians are still to be called every politically incorrect abhorrent name in the book.

In PC Washington: Suspects are Now Community Members and Inmates are Students!

KIRO reports:

When Seattle police officers write use of force reports they no longer call a suspect a suspect.

“Community member” is the new term. Several officers say the term is offensive, explaining their work with violent suspects.

Sources point to the suspect who shot three officers last month after a downtown Seattle armed robbery. When officers involved in that incident were writing their use of force reports they were required to refer to the shooter, Damarius Butts, as a “community member,” not a suspect, police sources said.

Police fatally shot Butts after they said he shot the officers.

“I think this is all in an effort to make sure our report writing sounds politically correct,” Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Kevin Stuckey told KIRO 7.

The online use of force reporting system, called Blue Team, is used for more than just use of force reports. It also tracks the department’s administrative investigations and the Early Intervention System among other reports. A photo sent to KIRO 7 shows the Blue Team in a recent online department training.

The “community member” terminology changed for multiple forms – but it’s only in the use of force reports that officers find offensive.

In Seattle, Police Department policy keeps officers from speaking to reporters without a supervisor’s approval. But Kevin Stuckey, the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild president who actually speak publicly, said he believes the term “community member” is too vague.

“I don’t think you should have a broad stroke like that and call everybody the same thing,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling someone who is a victim a victim, or calling someone who’s a suspect a suspect.”

Ya think?

The great Northwest has become a cesspool of socialism.

Part of this insanity definitely comes from the Obama Justice Department interference in local law enforcement. Another example of how the federal government cannot micromanage.

Next we will be calling rapists sexual opportunists.

None of us expect a life where we will never be offended or sheltered from conflict or hurt feelings. Many self-appointed saviors are trying to make this a reality, through aggressive speech codes, legal rulings and corporate policies.

It’s insanity.

Santa Clauses in Sydney, Australia, were forced to revolt for the right to say “Ho Ho Ho”, the traditional laugh of jolly old St. Nick. It turns out that their employer told all trainees that “ho ho ho” could frighten children and be derogatory to women.

Administrators at a California high school sent five students home after they refused to remove their American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican Day of Independence. That’s right, kids, you can’t wear your country’s flag in your country, lest it offend someone celebrating the holiday of a different country.

The director of the LA County affirmative action office, issued a memo describing an “exhaustive search” for any computer equipment labeled “master” and “slave”.  He also stated that all offending labels should be replaced with more appropriate terminology.

Where does it stop? When do people start going to jail for mere words? It’s a fight folks. A stupid, moronic, and insane fight. Seattle has lost its mind!

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