Obama Admin Knew Gang Members Were Part of Illegal Immigrant Surge: Whistleblower!

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If you are not familiar with the MS-13 street gang, it is an international gang that originated in Los Angeles, California back in the 1980’s. It later spread throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Central America. Most of it’s members are from Central America, particularly El Salvador.

In the US, MS-13 has a strong presence in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Washinton, D.C., and parts of Maryland, New York, North Carolina and Texas. Members are usually distinguished by their tattoos – often covering their own faces.

Under the Obama administration and his open border policies for illegal immigrants, thousands of “unaccompained alien children” came into our country. Unfortunately, some were even these MS-13 gang members who arrived as illegal immigrant teenagers.  Worse yet, the Obama administration even knew they were letting these MS-13 gang members in.

H/T Washington Times:

Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said a whistleblower turned over Customs and Border Protection documents from 2014 detailing the 16 persons who were caught crossing the border.

“CBP apprehended them, knew they were MS-13 gang members, and they processed and disbursed them into our communities,” Mr. Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, said.

The gang members were part of the surge of UAC, or “unaccompanied alien children,” as the government labels them, who overwhelmed the Obama administration in 2014, leaving Homeland Security struggling to staunch the flow from Central America.

Officials at the time said the children should be treated as refugees fleeing horrific conditions back home — though security analysts said the children were prime recruiting territory for gangs already in the U.S.

Mr. Johnson said the image of UAC as little children is misleading. Out of nearly 200,000 UAC apprehended between from 2012 to 2016, 68 percent were ages 15, 16 or 17 — meaning older teens. The majority were also male, making them targets for gang recruiting.

Mr. Johnson revealed the documents at a hearing on the dangers posed by MS-13.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, the ranking Democrat on the committee, said she wants to get rid of gangs, but criticized the release of the whistleblower documents, saying it may have hurt active investigations or otherwise dented efforts to get the gang members out of the country.

“I have concerns that these documents were released so quickly,” she said.

Say WHAT!? Sen. McCaskill has concerns about the paperwork or documents being released so quickly?! Seriously!? Does she not want our ICE agents and Border agents to round these scumbags up? Does she not want to stop really horrific MS-13 gang crimes from happening – like drug trafficking, money extortion, robberies, and even gang rapes?

Wake up people!

In the last four years, under the Obama administration over 200,000 “unaccompanied alien children” or UAC were let in. 68% of those were male teenagers between the ages of 15-17.That doesn’t sound like innocent, children to me…how about you? That sounds more like troublemakers….especially if they have MS-13 gang tats on their bodies and faces. Talk about an obvious clue!

Let’s face it! Under the Obama administration MS-13 gang members were not only allowed to come in, but they were then dispersed in cities across our great nation. You would think with a noticable face like the one above – with the tattoo clues such as the name of the gang “Mara Salvatrucha’  clearly marked on his face….that would be a dead give away this dude was a MS-13 gang member! I guess not to Obama!

Now that President Trump is in charge, the tables are turned. More agents have been hired to step things up, like rounding up these scumbags and deporting them back home. FINALLY, someone who really cares about making America safe again!

Recently in New York, Attorney General Jeff Sessions went to the Long Island turf of the MS-13 street gang to deliver more tough talk following a string of violent acts.

“We will find you,” Sessions had already warned the gang members last week, cementing them firmly in the whole immigration enforcement challenge.

“The MS-13 motto is kill, rape and control,” said Sessions, per the Times. “Our motto is justice for victims and consequences for criminals. That’s how simple it is. Prosecute them, and after they’ve been convicted, if they’re not here lawfully, they’re going to be deported.”

Finally, someone who is willing to protect our borders, make America safe and kick out the illegal immigrants, especially those with a history of violent crimes.  Surely Democrats and Sen. McCaskill aren’t against THAT are they?



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