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NFL Signs Players Accused of Sexual Assault As They Ignore Colin Kaepernick!


What does it say about Colin Kaepernick when at least a half-dozen men who have been accused of physical or sexual assault have been welcomed into the NFL over the past week, while Colin Kaepernick still has not?

No team has publicly claimed any interest or scheduled a visit with the free agent quarterback.

Oakland Raiders first-round draft pick is Gareon Conley, who is being investigated for a rape allegation. The Cincinnati Bengals second-round pick is Joe Mixon, who was caught on videotape knocking out a woman with a devastating punch?

USA Today reports:

It was quite a surprise to see so many young men with so much violence attached to their names drafted by NFL teams little more than a week after USA TODAY Sports reported that Ray Rice himself was going to participate in the league’s social responsibility education program this year. You think everyone is getting with the plan, and then you realize they’re not. Not at all.

Then throw in the fact that the guy famous for making a controversial social statement still hasn’t landed back in the league when more than a dozen other quarterbacks have signed, and the player he replaced during last season — Blaine Gabbert — is in talks to sign with the Arizona Cardinals, and you really do have to wonder what’s going on.

To those people who are angry that Kaepernick knelt or sat during the national anthem last season, including some of you in the owners’ and general managers’ suites, I hear you. I stand for our national anthem and would be very surprised if someone around me did not. Who doesn’t understand the opinion of current service members or veterans in particular who thought that what Kaepernick did was a sign of disrespect?

While I also believe players who commit physical or sexual assault should also be blackballed, it goes to show just how much of a mess Kaepernick made from his stupid antics. Protest has been an American Pastime since the days of the Boston Tea Party. But you protest on your own time, not your employers’ time.

Had Kaepernick left his antics out of the game, and done it on his own time, he would not be such a hot potato. But he chose to abuse his opportunity and make a mockery of the NFL. He made a severe miscalculation!

NFL Signs Players Accused of Sexual Assault As They Ignore Colin Kaepernick!

Kaepernick really made a mess with his stupid antics!

Colin Kaepernick and his faux protest cost the 49ers $$Millions of dollars!

The NFL was forced to Refund Advertisers Because of Historic Low Viewership!

Monday Night Football hit its lowest viewership EVER as the protests escalated!

In fact, the NFL’s Monday Night Football lost almost half its viewership in 2 weeks!

Colin Kaepernick, you blew it! I think you have seen the end of what could have been a productive career.  Well, if you hate what this country stands for…take a hike buddy! You’ve just lost what this country stands for! It’s called..,O-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y!

It wasn’t even a real protest. It was a lazy 3-minute antic! Hope it was worth it Kap!


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