MSNBC Analyst SHOCKS Anchor, Insisting That Jared Kushner Is A Russian Agent On LIVE T.V. [WATCH]

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WOW…this gives a whole new meaning to analyst, now doesn’t it….

The left is desperate to create a false narrative. They got nothing but lies and fake news and it is hilarious watching them get more and more extreme. Except when they pull something like this on a national news channel…then it’s quite tasteless and very obnoxious.

An analyst goes on MSNBC and speaks with host Stephanie Ruhle, she got the shock of her career when he started to insist that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is really a Russian agent.

Yes…those were his words, and he wasn’t even kidding. That prompted Ruhle to ask some questions, I’m sure she was trying to save her segment from turning into a joke. Too late.

“You really think he wants to be a Russian agent? I mean that’s kind of a stretch,” Ruhle said during her exchange with Naveed Jamali, an MSNBC analyst who has written about his work as a former FBI double agent.

Jamali was running his mouth trying to weigh in on the latest ‘reports’ that Kushner proposed opening up a ‘secret’ backchannel with Russian government all during a December meeting that was held at Trump Tower with Russia’s ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

As one of President Trump’s closest advisors, Kushner is reportedly a person of interest in the FBI’s probe of Russian election meddling. Which is all hogwash…but anyway. Apparently, it was reported Friday that Kushner has a backchannel request, and it raised questions about his motives being in a top White House post. Crazy Jamali insisted that Kushner’s request which was ultimately not implemented clearly can only lead to one conclusion to him: “This man was either a Russian agent, either aspiring to be a Russian agent or ws in fact a Russian agent.”

His words not mine folks. So disappointing that minds like his exist.

Well Ruhle piped up really quick after that statement from Jamali.

“You think Jared Kushner was a Russian agent?” Ruhle asked incredulously.

“Absolutely,” Jamali responded.

“Why would he be a Russian agent?” Ruhle pressed, adding, “that’s a major allegation.”

Jamali then stated that agents of foreign governments often commit treason. “and they’re not even aware they’re going down that path.”

“This is how it happens,” he explained. “In this case, I think, it could have been, perhaps, an innocent decision to try to make contact with them. And that’s how you start these things,” said Jamali.

“The term ‘Russian agent’ perhaps is not what people think of in the movies,” he added.

“When you have someone who fails to register as a foreign agent, for example, that is what I’m talking about. This could be someone who started a relationship that was frankly inappropriate, that skirted the law, and then it made a hard-left turn.”

It’s not clear how Kushner would be considered a Russian agent under Jamali’s criteria.

Legally, a foreign agent is anyone who acts to advance the interests of a foreign government or foreign government official.

There has been no evidence presented so far that Kushner sought to advance the interests of the Russian government by seeking to open a backchannel to the Kremlin.

Anonymous White House officials have told reporters that Kushner’s backchannel request was part of a diplomatic effort to address the fight in Syria.

First off…this man should not be allowed out on his own without a keeper. He’s NUTS! I mean, if this is what passes as an agent of the FBI, we have bigger problems than we had thought.

He doesn’t know what “back channel” really means. The “Red Phone” that was established in the 60s was a back channel to keep WW III from starting. His all-powerful savior Obama tried – and of course failed – to find a way to develop better communication with Putin without having to go through the usual pathways.

Oh, and “secret” doesn’t mean “deception”. It means keep it from being leaked by people like him who are intent on maintaining Obama’s gov’t.


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