Mexico Angry At The Immigrants Ruining Their Country With Violence And Disgust

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Well well well, how the tables have turned. Residents of Mexico city are fuming over the mass amount of immigrants that are flocking into their country from Africa and Asia. They are upset over the crime that is rising in their cities and the filth that is starting to increase in their streets.

The report broke during a press conference held in Tapachula by the head of a local group called: “For a different Mexico” The president of this group, Victorino Alvarez Fuentes shared that immigrants were literally urinating in public and that there was an increase of sexual assault among women and minors.

The El Universal story that hit headlines recently was centered around a home for immigrants they call “Bethlehem” and reported that an immigrant staying there was arrested for sexually assaulting a little boy. This sparked upset within the community, and it has not calmed down since.

Speaking of the ‘immigrants’ coming into their country Fuentes also reported at the press conference that they are no longer leaving their homes due to fear. This has Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs even more concerned about the influx of immigrants into the country.

Now this next part is going to have you wishing that liberals were taking note of what’s happening down there.

“Many of them will have to return to their home countries,” Socorro Flores, undersecretary of Latin America and the Caribbean for the Mexican Foreign Ministry, said to El Universal.

The Mexican government is now trying to deal with this influx of immigrants by setting up shelters and working with the countries of origin of the immigrants on deportations.

Flores said regarding this immigration that, “yes there is a concern because the flows have increased and there is also a concern because they need to cross many countries to get to their intended destinations.”

The government official added, “right now they are coming from many countries in Asia and Africa and that increases regional migration.”

Central America has recently been dealing with an influx of immigrants from abroad. It was recently reported that Guatemala has caught 56 times more African immigrants in 2016 than they did in all of 2015. These immigrants frequently have the goal of heading to the United States and seeking asylum.

Flores said that tackling this immigration issue will take time and cooperation among Central American countries.

What do you think this means for us? Would it mean that we could potentially start seeing Central American and African immigrants coming across our southern border? A young boy was raped, there is urination in the streets, and sexual assaults against women and young ones is increasingly terrorizing them. Is that what we have to look forward to without a border wall?

If they are behaving like this in Mexico, why in the world could liberals even begin to think that it would be different if we let them into our country without so much as a background check.

How do you stop this kind of chaos from entering into your country?

Simple. You build a freaking wall.

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