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Father Who BRUTALLY Pranks His Children On YOUTUBE Videos Loses Custody…


One would ask, how could pranks turn into losing custody of your kids?

Pranks to one that wouldn’t seem harmful or even be seen as child abuse, child endangerment, or whatever the case may be, turned out to be just that for this father.

‘Youtube’ is known for many things one of which is people recording themselves pranking spouses, friends, parents, kids and all that you could possibly think of, and in this case, it was a parent pranking his son.

This father and his wife would play pranks on the kids, just to get viewers.

But for this family what seemed to be all fun in games, turned into a sad story in the end.

This father, Mike Martin, who described his children to brutal pranks on videos for his ‘Youtube’ channel has now lost custody.

Mike and his wife, Heather Martin, have a ‘Youtube’ channel where they post videos of their children who are often the victims of the pranks and jokes in which they conduct.

Many viewers would comment and criticize the two parents, stating that they were abusing the children only to gain online fame.

Mike and Heather, who have five children together, have received a huge criticism for a video that was posted in April of a prank played on Cody, who is nine years old.

Cody’s step-mother, Heather, poured disappearing ink all over Cody’s room, before they revealed the cruel prank and plugging their channel, ‘DaddyoFive’.

In a video with her lawyer Tim Conlon, Hall says: ‘They’re doing good. They’re getting back to their playful selves.’
While the lawyer added: ‘The kids are in a deprogramming sort of mode at the moment.
The pair also thanked YouTube viewers who had called out the alleged abuse.

In response, Mike and Heather Martin said: ‘What started out as family fun and entertainment took on a life of its own. Before we knew it, we were caught-up in our family’s popularity which led to some poor decisions.
‘Upon reflection, we realise there were mistakes made that caused our family some pain; we offer our most humble and sincere apology to those we negatively impacted and offended, particularly our wonderful children.
‘Our children are safe. Off camera and out of character, they are normal, happy kids who play sports and love being with their family and friends. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this difficult time.

Here are a few comments from people who had a thought on this subject:

“Hopefully the kids will remain with the biological mother and not be sent back to these 2 – the videos of what they were doing were terrible. There is having a laugh and then there is child abuse – these guys didn’t konw where to stop – literlally shoouting at the kids until they cried, blaming the youngest for everythgin to a point where he was flipping and even letting the older kid sit on the youngest and kick him and stuff – I’m guessing the oldst was their kid and the youngest was the other womans as they never told the other kid off, only this small child.” – Rob

“Rightfully so, terrible parents.” – James

“Something that leaves a small child with a bloodied nose is way beyond a prank like.” – Charlotte

As for me, some of his videos did get out of hand. Its one thing to be a parent and play funny pranks that are just all around hilarious, but for a parent to play a prank on your children that causes them to become angry, injured, or even out right enraged is another. I would have been one of the criticizing viewers. Lets just keep it simple, parents shouldn’t be on YOUTUBE to gain fame off of playing pranks on their children. Period, Point, Blank!


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