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Bill Maher Calls Elizabeth Warren “POCAHONTAS” On LIVE TV- Guess What Happened Next? [Video]


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was on Bill Maher’s show the other night…and he had her speechless after sending her flying into a face-plant with a comment he made about her.

Well it wasn’t so much as a comment as it was a full blown BURN!

I almost feel humiliated for her, except then I remember she’s a lying witch that has no right being in the position she is in, so I get over it real quick.

Bill Maher right on LIVE T.V. calls Sen. Warren “Pocahontas” and that’s when the Senator goes silent. This is a nickname that President Donald Trump created for her, and there Maher was, calling her by that name on LIVE TV.

You can bet her heart dropped.

“His fans are not with you,” Maher explained. “Explain to me what that disconnection is?”

“Actually, I’m going to push back,” Warren responded. “I disagree with you.”

“His fans are not with you,” Maher repeated. “Come on. They don’t like you, Pocahontas.”

After this surprising moment that had Warren jaw dropped silent, she came to and gave him a quite the look…then after a long pause as the audience could be heard laughing in the background, she finally continues in defending her position.

“When you talk about what’s really the basic pieces of a progressive agenda–raise the minimum wage, expand social security, reduce the cost of college so people don’t get crushed by student loan debt, more not less regulation of financial institutions … progressive taxation, make those at the top pay their fair share–America, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, vegetarians, Americans by about two-to-one are with us on that,” Warren insisted. “The progressive agenda is America’s agenda. We cannot forget that, and we cannot apologize.”

“I know, but this is the disconnect I’m talking about,” Maher repeated. “I agree with you. They’re with you on the issues, and then they vote for him.”

Now, I did happen to watch most of the interview and really they both sat there on the show spreading and telling a whole bunch of untruths. Bill Maher tries to claim that Trump’s tax plan is just for rich people…LIE.

Here’s the video:

This entire segment with these two sidewalk slugs is just an experience you end up cringing at. He lies through his teeth about Trump’s tax proposal. IT DOES HELP MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS. Bill…really? Just stick to what you know…booze and that other thing.

Then, did you hear the background? Really? I like how the seals are trained to applaud in unison, it’s just brilliant.

The problem with Sen. Warren is the woman couldn’t tell the truth if it was being piped via a speaker out of her mouth, and that’s no joke. It was CLINTON who passed Glass-Steagall, signing us into NAFTA and a thousand other MIDDLE CLASS DESTRUCTION TACTICS!

The woman really needs to go away…her and her forked tongue give me a headache.

For her then to say that Libertarians are with her? Come on Pocahontas! She is all about government force & coercion, they were never with her! This ladies and gentlemen is what it looks like when a person has surpassed their level of incompetence.

She’s a lying bridge troll and honestly I hope she does run for president because it will mean she gets what she deserves, a public shaming. Am I being too harsh?

Well relax…leftists are never really shamed because they don’t really care what they say or believe, they just continue to talk out of their butts.

The truth about Maher and Warren is … they are two rich liars who have no shame and continue to embarrass themselves in front of people like us who know the truth.

Whatever…Liz, go ahead and run for President. I’m sure you’ll get the Native American vote.




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