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LIBERAL Student Tries To DESTROY Trey Gowdy Face To Face – Then Gets SCHOOLED! [WATCH]


We all know the damage that Common Core has done to our young and minds in the public school system. It’s a very successful program really, successful that is in it’s goal to ‘dumb down’ our children and create weaker leaders for tomorrow.

The school system as we know it today, is brainwashing America’s children…thanks to Democrats.

Recently in support of the claim there was a very arrogant high school brat…I mean senior, that tried his darndest to trap Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) by giving him an embarrassing question.

Yes…this kid had the audacity to think he could go up against Rep. Gowdy. Good for him…it’s his funeral. I guess he can decide who will bury him.

Luckily the said ‘burial’ was all caught on video…Gowdy taught this young confused liberal a big lesson in TRUTH!

This clip has recently surfaced on ‘YouTube’, and it shows one of our favorite Congressmen, Trey Gowdy speaking at the 2017 Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series, that was conducted by the U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith. What you are about to see is a high school senior in attendance trying to set Gowdy up to look like a hypocrite and he attempts this mission in front of the crowd of people by asking about Gowdy’s support for the Patriot Act in 2015.

The response this kid received from the North Carolina Congressman was epic.

The smug student started off by saying, “Thank you, Congressman Gowdy, I’m a senior at Greenland high school. In 2015, you co-sponsored a bill known as the USA/Freedom Act. It essentially extended and modified the Patriot Act with some restrictions on FISA court abilities. My question is regarding the future of this type of surveillance.”

He continued, asking, “Given the political climate today in the Middle East, number one, do you feel like this sort of surveillance will lead us to revert back to large-scale collection methods in order to protect our homeland from potential terrorist attacks from a foreign or domestic entity? And, as a continuation of that question, do you feel like the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens requires them to do something that many people find unconstitutional according to the 4th Amendment?”

This high school senior was obviously given a mouthful to say to Gowdy by someone with a much bigger political agenda. It’s doubtful that the kid comprehends much of what he asked Gowdy, to begin with, and the Congressman knows that. So, Gowdy gave the liberal senior a response he can understand.

“The Bulldog” fired back, explaining, “You do have the freedom of speech, you do have the right to have the government get a warrant in some instances, and jury trial and you do have the right to council and not a single one of those rights is much use to you if you are dead. So that’s how I look at it.”

That deserves a…. BOOOOOOM! That was Gowdy’s response and it is what was needed to LEVEL this student who was most likely trying to set up Gowdy for a faceplant…and FAILED!

Really? …Trying to make Gowdy look like a hypocrite is like trying to make Hillary Clinton look like a virtuous woman. It can’t be done.

Our rights as a free people do not matter and don’t do us ANY good if we’re too dead to even exercise them. I couldn’t agree with Gowdy more. National security is important, in fact the MOST important focus to have if we are going to be able to function at all as a society of free people who are blessed to enjoy the rights of our Founding Fathers.


Or..maybe you think differently? If so…let us know!

As for this high school student… I hope he was paying attention. If he was, there might be hope for him yet despite the horrid educational system he’s been forced into with some pretty nasty brainwashing.


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