Liberal SCREAMS ‘ASSAULT’ After Feeling OFFENDED By Confederate Flag Rug [WATCH]

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I am almost at a loss for words after watching this. From what I can tell of this video, we have a liberal woman who is really good at dishing out crap for others to deal with but when it starts coming right back at her, she screams assault.


Her name is Heather Franklin and she’s a resident of Portland, OR. She went to one of her favorite stores to do some shopping and when she found something she didn’t like she turned the camera on and began to confront employees of the rug store.

The reason for this was because she saw that there were rugs on the wall with the confederate flag on them. That was all it took for the inner social justice warrior in her to come to the surface…

“You don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” Franklin said, approaching store employees as she filmed. “It’s a symbol of slavery, it’s like having a Swastika on your wall.”

A man at this point that Franklin was harassing with her video camera and taunting then started to respond to her carrying on and told the woman she needed to learn her history, completely denying that the Confederate flag- which was a rug in this case – was a symbol of hate.

“How is that a hate symbol?” he asked. “You should read your history.”

Then one of the employees of the store gave Franklin the birdy when she started to film him and said “Bye, B****,” then asked her whether she’d been a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporter.

“Which one did you vote for that lost?” the employee asked. “Is that why you’re in a bad mood?”

Franklin answered that yes, she was in a bad mood and it was because they had a hate symbol on the wall of a place she liked to do her shopping at, and it offended her. She was asked to leave the store shortly after that, but continued to film her ranting out into the parking until things went further south.

She continued filming and at some point both the men she shouted at in the store also exited the building and came out into the parking lot. From what the video shows, she began screaming at them immediately. “Let me leave! Don’t come any closer!”

You hear Franklin saying that she was trying to leave and insinuated that the men were preventing her from doing just that. However, it appears that the men never actually approached her. That will be up to you to decipher once you watch the video yourself.

At that point another woman in the parking lot approaches Franklin to see if she needed some assistance, that is when Franklin insists that one o the men attacked her in the store. Which…again, you’ll have to decide for yourself if that statement is legit.

When the helping hand asked Franklin if she was okay, this was her reply:


“I’m not [OK],” she cried, “he just attacked me in the store!”

Of course there was no attack caught on camera in or out of the store. When this story hit the newsline it went VIRAL, and you’re going to see why in just a moment. Since this video came out, the CEO of the store has removed the rugs and placed the two employees involved on leave.

That CEO’s name is Andrew Toolson. He basically apologized for having the rugs in his store and gave a coward’s answer as to why they did in the first place. It was their suppliers fault not theirs, and they have all been removed since. There was a protest scheduled to happen outside this store located in liberal Portland, and he also welcomed that because it was their right to do so. After he was finished with his apology he also stated that the two employees involved were wrong and will be let go for it.

So, what does that teach people folks? It teaches them that they are allowed to disrupt a place of business with their own personal feelings and make a scene, and the businesses they are hurting can do nothing to protect themselves.

**NSFW Warning: Colorful and inappropriate language****NSFW AL**

The employees certainly handled this wrong, yes.

I am not without any empathy for the woman, if she really felt threatened then she felt threatened and that is not something to mock. However, the point here is…who threw the first stone? Just walk away lady, don’t act a fool then bring everyone else down with you. Take a picture, write a letter to management…anything else other than disrupting business to insult employees.

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