Levin To Hannity: Fight Back Against Media Matters For America!

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A couple of days ago, Sean Hannity on Fox News after reporting on the Seth Rich investigation took some backlash from advertisers. It turns out Media Matters was pressuring advertisers on Hannity’s show to pull their ads after Hannity reported on the story of Seth Rich’s murder.

With a social media push from Media Matters and its allies, advertisers including Cars.com, USAA, and others stopped their ads from appearing on Hannity’s show. Mark Levin’s word to Sean Hannity – fight back!

H/T Western Journalism:

It is time to fight back, conservative radio host Mark Levin advised Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Levin posted a social media message Thursday intended for Hannity, whose show has lost some advertisers because of an effort by leftist watchdog group Media Matters for America to get Hannity’s sponsors to drop the program.

“I would give very serious consideration to suing Media Matters, its board and its officers, as well as any other entity involved in the organized effort to boycott his TV show, including media outlets contacting his advertisers in a thinly veiled boycott tactic, for the purposeful tortious interference with his employment contract with Fox News and his business relationships with his various advertisers,” Levin wrote.

With a social media push from Media Matters and its allies, advertisers including Cars.com, Peloton, Leesa Sleep, Casper, USAA, Ring, and Crowne Plaza Hotels have said they will stop their ads from appearing on Hannity’s show.

“Hannity’s crime? Raising questions about the very strange Seth Rich murder saga,” commented Andrew Mark Miller on Young Conservatives. “AKA. [sic] Nothing.”

Here’s some of Sean’s comments on Twitter:

Sean Hannity Retweeted Sean Hannity

Clinton/Soros group wont list Colbert, Maddow, Cooper, Hayes sponsors. Huge Conspiracy theorists. Should I list them? Fight fire with Fire?

Sean Hannity Retweeted Sean Hannity

Mediamatters is hoping advertisers will give into the pressure and they will silence freedom of speech. Liberals, do you support this effort

Sean Hannity Retweeted Sean Hannity

Spoke to many advertisers. They are being inundated with Emails to stop advertising on my show. This is Soros/Clinton/Brock liberal fascism

Sean Hannity Retweeted TrumpGirlStrong  ??

Not giving up at all. I’m working harder than ever to get to the truth the family wants and deserves. Stay tuned.

Sean Hannity Retweeted Sean Hannity

Notice MMFA only does this to conservatives. Smear, slander, malice, half truths, purposefully taking things out of context. Why…..

Liberal Fascism. Mmfa is targeting my advertisers to silence my voice. They hope to get me fired. Rush, O’Reilly, Beck, Imus, & now me.

Hannity has been publicizing theories that Seth Rich, a staffer for the Democratic National Committee who was killed in July, was implicated in the leak of DNC information to WikiLeaks. After Rich’s death, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange implied but never directly stated that Rich was a source for the DNC emails that WikiLeaks posted. On Tuesday, Fox News retracted a story about the Rich-WikiLeaks connection that claimed Rich sent WikiLeaks 44,000 emails.

Rich’s family has said their son was not involved in any conspiracy. The family also asked Hannity specifically to stop talking about the issue.

(Please note: the Rich family is represented by Brad Bauman a DNC consultant for crisis management in public relations.)

Hannity on Tuesday night said that after communicating with Rich’s family he would stop pushing that story. He has also said that does not mean he thinks he was wrong.

“I am not Fox.com or FoxNews.com. I retracted nothing,” Hannity said. “For those accusing me of pushing a conspiracy theory, you are the biggest phony hypocrites in the entire world.”

What Media Matters is doing is INSANE! The MSM including CNN, New York Times and the Washington Post often post stories with the source of “anonymous”. They spread lies and nonsense. Conservative groups would never have advertisers pulled, only liberals would do such an insane thing.

Twitter fans are behind Hannity and boycotting those advertisers who pulled their ads from his show. The good news is those companies are starting to feel pressure from real consumers.

One sponsor, USAA is taking quite a hit from conservative consumers pulling their support and money. A hit in USAA’s pocket books, seems to be working! They are now blaming the ad(s) being pulled on a ‘error’.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said the company’s words and actions do not align.

“USAA is dishonest and their spokesmen are terrible liars. First they pander to the far-left by announcing they were pulling advertising from Sean Hannity’s TV show, and when there is an uproar against them, they state on Twitter that they don’t advertise on ‘opinion shows.’

That is dishonest. They advertised on MSNBC’s Hardball just last night. We have several other examples of USAA advertising on left-wing shows that would clearly violate their stated ‘policy,’” he said.

USAA is caving under consumer protest and consumer complaints. Consumer complaints and boycotts worked for Target and Starbucks. Their stocks dropped and so did their business from consumers. Maybe USAA doesn’t want to go down that same path, who knows.

Here’s some of Hannity’s supporters on Twitter:

We will boycott any advertiser who caves to Media Matters/George Soros pressure and drops @seanhannity

For USAA to boycott Hannity, is a slap in the face to America’s Military.. Which is who uses it. Majority of Military is Conservative.

The @USAA dropping @hannity is shameful–esp after all he has done for our troops.

Hannity should take Mark Levin’s advice – fight back.

It already looks like conservatives are fighting back with their wallets.

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