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What Led This Young Girl to This Point…’I am going to kill myself’…?


Anorexia takes another precious life… A young lady, Pippa McManus,15, struggled with self esteem, depression and self harm which led her to death in the end.

When one has come to a point in life that committing suicide is a thought, that is when you really have to sit back and take matters into your own hands and prevent another lost life.

We’ve seen too many lives lost to this disease of anorexia and self harm.

Pippa McManus, 15, who weighed as little as four stone, committed suicide after the family had an argument about her excessive gym use and ended with her running out of the house shouting, ‘I am going to kill myself.’

Her body was later found near a local railway station.

Speaking after a jury ruled the youngster – known as Pip – committed suicide, Mrs. McManus, 51, broke down in tears.

She said: ‘Pip spent the last three years fighting against anorexia, malnutrition, depression and self-harm. We believe the failings in our daughter’s care from beginning to end resulted in her death.

‘Effective treatment is needed quickly, and if this had been available to our beautiful daughter maybe she would still be alive today. Maybe we would not have needed this inquest.’

Pippa was taken to a doctor around Christmas 2012 when she began ‘spiraling out of control’, becoming obsessed with having a ‘fat’ chin, preoccupied with her diet and exercising fanatically, joining running and boxing clubs and surviving on very little food.

She was treated by local mental health services before being detained under the Mental Health Act at the Priory Hospital in Altrincham in September 2014.

The inquest charted how Pippa struggled with her eating disorder, had self-harmed and threatened suicide during her 15-month stay in the specialist unit.

A doctor has described Pip’s case as ‘probably the most severe’ case of anorexia nervosa she has seen, and at one point she weighed just 27kg, while a pencil sharpener blade was also found inside one of her teddy bears.

Pippa was allowed a home visit in February 2015, but seven goodbye letters to her parents, siblings, friends and even her pet dog were found and she was returned to hospital.

One note described how she wanted to ‘grow up and have a life, but I don’t have one’. She added: ‘I cannot fight anorexia any more than I have done. I have tried so very hard, but it has won me.’

Dr. Janet Walsh, a consultant adolescent psychiatrist in charge of the teenager’s treatment, told the inquest there was nothing to make her or her colleagues believe that Pippa was a suicide risk when she was discharged on December 4, 2015, on extended home leave.

The jury agreed that sending her home was appropriate but stressed that the discharge was poorly planned by Trafford Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services. They also said it was not made clear to Pippa’s parents that the risk of suicide was greater in the first few days after her discharge.

Deborah Coles, director of campaign group Inquest which has been supporting the family, said: ‘Pip’s death has exposed a mental health system which pushed through the discharge of a highly vulnerable child without any of the support or care in place to make sure she would be safe.

Her terrified family knew there was huge risk. Their concerns were dismissed and minimized throughout.’

Mrs. McManus has now set up the Pip Foundation to help the charity Anorexia And Bulimia Care. She said: ‘Pippa hated herself.

She thought she was the ugliest person in the world. Whatever you said, it didn’t make a difference because that’s what the anorexia was telling her.

‘We needed mental health workers to work with us but they weren’t there to do that. We were let down by everybody.’

She added: ‘The tear in the thread of our family will never be mended. We do not want Pip’s life and suffering to have been in vain.

I love when the community comes together to share positive points on a subject like this in the world. Here some comments that were posted:

“Think there are some questions to be asked about aftercare. I know having been in a mental health unit myself I was supported by a home care team for 3 weeks.” – filis

“Beautiful little girl. But if someone really wants to Go, they will. Parents must not blame themselves for this. She was offered help, but refused. She is at peace now.” – Hilda

My honest opinion about this is that life and those around us always bring such trials to our lives and in this world we live in today, our generation knows nothing more and cares about nothing less than how they look, who’s skinny, who has a bigger butt, who has the most prettiest face and how much you weigh, but what no realizes is that all those things make an impact on someones life, that causes an effect and result in death because of bullying, low self esteem, and self harm. Please all those who are having trouble with what others think of you or what you think about yourself, the best thing to remember is to LOVE YOURSELF no matter how round, how skinny, or any way you look. Only your opinion about yourself matters. So LOVE YOURSELF because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.



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