Kathy Griffin Holds Trump’s Severed Bloodied Head SHOCKING Video [WATCH]

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This is why Hollywood supports terrorists, they are aspiring to be them. In this sick picture and video obnoxious and so not funny comedian, Kathy Griffin is posing with what she is calling art. A bloodied, severed head of President Donald Trump that looks absolutely atrocious. Something that ISIS would be proud of actually…and she seems pretty overjoyed with it herself as well.

It was an image obtained by TMZ and she is looking directly into the camera all while slowly and very dramatically hoisting up Trump’s severed head that is covered in dark red blood and looking very gorey, as it was meant to look.

It was reported that Griffin also had jokes during the photo shoot with the artist, Tyler Shields, talking all about how they would need to flee the country after the picture came out, for fear of being imprisoned by Trump.

Isn’t that something? This is why people like her are in 1st place for being the most hypocritical obnoxious morons ever to exist. Lets flip the script a little. What if President Trump or any of his administration decided that they wanted to display some art just like this, but instead it was the head of Obama. Do you have any idea how they would react? Kathy Griffin wouldn’t be laughing, she would be setting out to terrorize anyone she could who was in support of Trump with her cries for injustice and going on endlessly about how Trump needs to be impeached because he just pulled a terrorist number all in the name of art, and that is WRONG…so so WRONG! She’d be crying, and feeling like the sky was falling and her entire world was caving in.

Yet, because it’s her doing the terrorizing…well then, it’s all justified.

Griffin has been an outspoken critic of the president; in October, the comedian and television personality cut a mock campaign advertisement which featured her repeatedly telling the then-Republican presidential candidate to “f*ck off.”

The gruesome photo isn’t the first “artwork” to depict Trump being beheaded; in August, a cartoon version of Trump had his head cut off in an issue of the comic book Spawn, while comedian George Lopez previously tweeted a cartoon image of notorious drug lord El Chapo beheading Trump in March of last year.

The Los Angeles-based Shields posted updates about his new project with Griffin on his Twitter account Tuesday, including a behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot, however the YouTube link to the video appeared to be broken as of Tuesday morning.

Oh Kathy..

Democrats created ISIS… don’t forget that.


We didn’t build that, you built that… yes you did…’
It takes a village after all… a village of seditious traitor loon village liberal idiots…

America, take a good long look at what the Democratic Party and the main stream media have become and never forget. Let this image sear into your minds. They are at the forefront of the disease that is plaguing our country…it goes by the name of HATE.

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