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JFK’s Grandson To Present President Obama With Profiles Of Courage Award!


My how time flies. It doesn’t seem that it’s been slightly over 50 years since the assassination of our late President John F. Kennedy. As Americans mourned the loss of the President Kennedy, our hearts went out to Caroline and John Jr. as we watched them say their goodbyes and salute the coffin. Times have sure changed since then.

Now, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg 59, who served in Obama’s administration, is thinking of running for office in New York. Her son, JFK’s only grandson, Jack, 24, a graduate of Harvard, is going to be giving Obama a ‘Profile in Courage’ award for his role in Obamacare, climate change and renewed relations with Cuba. What would JFK think of that?

H/T Western Journalism:

President John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, Jack Schlossberg, entered the national spotlight Friday, promoting the Profile in Courage Award ceremony in Boston on Sunday, when former President Barack Obama will receive the prize.

Schlossberg appeared alongside his mother, JFK’s only surviving child, former Japanese Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, and his father, exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg, on NBC’s Today Friday morning.

The Profile in Courage Award is an award granted by the JFK Presidential Library to public figures who emulate the courage described in Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage.

Schlossberg, 24, was a member of the committee that voted to pick Obama for this year’s recipient of the award. He said he was “inspired by Obama’s vision for America and all the promises he laid out for our country” during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Schlossberg and his mother will present Obama with the award Sunday for his role in passing Obamacare, restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba, and his efforts to combat global climate change.

“This award recognizes that he made tough choices over the last eight years to execute on a vision, to give people health care, to get serious about climate change, and to reach out to international partners and really improve America’s standing in the world,” Schlossberg said Friday.

“That takes political courage,” he added.

JFK’s grandson issued veiled criticism against President Donald Trump without mentioning him by name.

“I think we’re seeing today that it’s pretty easy to criticize without offering solutions,” Schlossberg said. “President Obama did not do that. He had the courage to govern responsibly.”

Schlossberg graduated from Yale University in 2015 and is about to attend Harvard Law School.

His mother, Caroline Kennedy, said she was “thrilled” by the choice to grant the 2017 Profile in Courage award to Obama.

“There are many kinds of courage that [Obama] demonstrated,” throughout his presidency, she said.

Well, we all know Caroline served in the Obama administration in the second term. She was the Ambassador to Japan. Speculation is that she will run for office. Who knows, maybe she’ll run in the district for New York Senator. She’s certainly got enough support there for her to win and probably could even match the $80 million that Clinton spent running for it too, especially since she has Obama on her side.

When asked if he would follow in the footsteps of his father and enter politics, Jack Schlossberg said he was “inspired” by his family’s political legacy, but added he still doesn’t know what path in life he will take.

“I’m inspired by my family’s legacy of public service. It’s something I’m very proud of,” Schlossberg said. “Stay tuned. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Sounds like a typical politician…in the making.

Knowing his background and his mother’s inspirations, it may be that he’ll be supporting Caroline’s run for office. Who knows…maybe the powers that be are convincing Caroline to run for Senate and then in four years to run for the presidency in 2020. She certainly wouldn’t have all the baggage that Clinton had…at least I wouldn’t think so anyway.

But Jack seriously dude!…Just because you campaigned for Obama doesn’t mean he exemplifies “courage”. Let’s be real…passing of the NOT so Affordable Care Act, ‘You can keep your doctor’ or Obamacare was a NIGHTMARE! Restoring ties with Cuba….you have got to be kidding me? Climate change…what a hoax! Sounds to me like Obama has really done a number on you. Can you say….blinded by the light?

So young….yes, so young and liberal, but I’ve got to give it to you…you certainly know one thing…how the game is played.



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