WaPo Columnist Jennifer Rubin Unhinged After Marco Rubio Tweets Scripture!

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Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin seems to think it is “unsettling” that Florida Senator Marco Rubio had the gall to tweet some scripture.

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin just went on the list for ‘Moron of the Year’.

It is not conservative to think a person using their First Amendment right is “unsettling“.

Rubin tweeted her agreement with a liberal writer, who found it “unsettling” that Sen. Marco Rubio, R- Fla., shared Bible verses on his Twitter account.

On Tuesday morning, Rubio, who was just re-elected to his second term in the Senate, had the audacity to tweet amid all the storms and uncertainty in Washington, D.C.:

Then he had the nerve to continue on with another tweet!

Leah Mcelrath, a writer with left-wing activist organization ShareBlue, took screen shots of Rubio’s posts and added her commentary, “unsettling,” in a tweet, to which Rubin replied “either his account was hacked or he’s totally lost it.”

In January 2016, the Florida Senator addressed a question on religion liberty.

“I’m a Christian, but I can’t force you to be a Christian,” Rubio said. “We Christians believe that salvation is a free gift that has to be willfully accepted.”

Rubio added, “No one’s going to force you to believe in God. But no one’s going to force me to stop talking about God.”

Rubio went on to contend that he did not believe a person could really understand America without understanding the role faith has played in forming it.

“If you don’t believe the Judeo-Christian values influenced America, then you don’t know history,” he said. “This nation was founded on the principle that our rights come from our Creator. If there is no Creator, then where did your rights come from?”

Liberals, and Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin is obviously a closet liberal, have been attacking Christianity with full force.

With the election of Donald Trump, the fight has been headed back the other direction!

There were reports everywhere last week of snowflakes immediately turning to water vapor after hearing Trump state at Liberty University that in America, we worship God.

At the country’s largest Christian university on Saturday, President Trump told the graduating class that “in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

The President went on to point out:

“When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, they prayed. When the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, they invoked our creator four times. Because in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

“It is why our currency proudly declares, ‘In God We Trust,’” Trump continued. “And it is why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation, under God, every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.”

“Separation of Church and State” has been at the center of public debate for decades, as atheist activists, in particular, have advanced the notion that the nation’s founders envisioned a particularly fervent imposition of the segregation of God and government.

The Constitution was designed to limit government. It was not designed to limit the people.

Just in case you need a refresher, the amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin obviously needs a refresher course!

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