Illegal Immigrant Luring Young Girls Into Prostitution CAUGHT After Mom Sees Daughter’s Texts

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We’re already paranoid when it comes to allowing our children to be a little more independent with each year they get older, but now with this post-Obama’s America, we have to not only worry about our own monsters, we also have to worry about the illegal ones that should not be here in the first place to harm our kids.

This breaking news out from Florida is not going to sit pretty with you. At all.

Authorities there have just taken an illegal immigrant into custody. Allegedly, he was found out to be pursuing a 12-year old girl and her friends over the span of a few days. He had met her and within 3 days he was asking her very intimate details about her sexuality and also asked if she would run away with him.

His name is Joel Bautista and what you are about to learn of what he did to her is going to disgust you. Within just a few weeks of meeting her, Trinidad picked up the pre-teen and her TWO year old sister from a donut shot near her bus stop and sexually abused her before dropping her off at school.

The girl told detectives that the alleged assaults happened twice. The second meeting of the two, Trinidad had sex with her, which she reported as being very painful. A detail that her Mother couldn’t handle hearing.

Her Mother was the person who discovered what was going on when she found explicit text messages on her phone from Trinidad.

Trinidad also reportedly texted her to say he was spying on her while she was practicing track with her family.

“According to the texts in the arrest report, Trinidad asked the girl first if she would have sex for money and then if her friends would have sex with men for money, and told her she and he could make a lot of money by selling the girls,” WPBF-ABC noted.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) placed an immigration detainer on Trinidad and said that a review of his immigration status would come after the resolution of his current criminal case.

Trinidad – charged with human trafficking, sexual battery, and lewd and lascivious molestation – remains in custody at the Palm Beach County Jail.

This man is a rapist, but because he is an illegal immigrant, anyone calling him a rapist would be considered a “Zenophobic” by Democrats. This is by far one of the most frustrating things about liberals really. Anytime we want to define human suffering using the facts, they want to define us by calling us racist, homophobe, etc etc…whatever they can pull out of their butts to use to make the situation so ridiculous that it is almost impossible to organize the facts together after that.

The Democrats will protect him for exercising a common practice in mexico where prostitution is legal…at least at this point, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did, and that’s the problem. They no longer see law & order of this country, our country to be important.

Here’s my thing though, the man lured a 12-year old girl with her 2-year old sister to take her, rape her and then drop her off to school after he got his kicks in, not once, but twice. He’s barely even human and more of a monster at that point. Deport him without landing the plane.

Just saying…

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