Idiot Drug Dealer Uses Instagram To Sell Product…Until An UNDERCOVER Cop ‘Follows’ Him!

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Kids, drugs are bad. They’re bad for your health, and they are bad for your future. Social media. Social media can be a fun and exciting tool for entertainment, and for keeping up with friends and family. It can also serve as an idiot finder if you know how to use it that way, and for the Drug Enforcement Agency, who know how to use it that way.

Take for example one Bay Area resident, Marcos Hatch. He is being accused of being a drug dealer, and was arrested last week after he was ‘supposedly’ caught showcasing drug paraphernalia such as large stacks of cash on his Instagram…I mean, come on! Anyone could have stacks of cash and prescription pills, right?

An affidavit sent out by the DEA claims that authorities found out about the 20-year-old Hatch while investigating further into another suspected drug dealer.

Who would have thought that the millennial ‘following’ culture would actually be a detriment to criminal activity? Amazing, right? Thanks, Instagram.

Anyways, it was an undercover Oakland police officer that had requested to follow a man by the name of Christian Vanleer on Instagram, and when the schmuck actually accepted the request from a total stranger, the same undercover cop went through his whole followers list, and started to request to follow them as well – sending out a web to trap as many scumbags as possible. It was that request that included Hatch’s account, @triggerplayornoplay.

When Hatch accepted the request by the undercover officer, it was a done deal for the young, aspiring, drug dealing idiot.

The affidavit stated that Hatch had posted 20 photos, promoting his stash of prescription painkillers, as well as Xanax, which is the brand name of the anti-anxiety medication alprazolam.

In each of the 20 posts, the little drug dealer wrote down the hashtag, #holla to signal that each of those drugs were for sale. Some of his followers even posted right below the photos, ‘How much for (an ounce),’ to which Hatch replied ‘200’. It was indeed a drug deal going down right in the opening of Instagram.

If you were to look at Hatch’s profile picture, it would show him holding stacks of cash on his shoulder, a ridiculous and dumb move that had #takenpenitentiarychances written below it. The claim that the hashtag pointed out that Hatch ‘obtained the large amount of money shown by selling controlled substances, and he was taking a chance that if he got caught, he would be arrested and go to jail’.

It was in April that police got a warrant to finally start monitoring the online communications of Hatch, and that is where they discovered that he was doing even more criminal activity in his private messages, negotiating with various followers about not only other drugs, but also handguns as well.

When the police finally racked up enough evidence to obtain a warrant for his arrest, they nailed him inside his home where they also confiscated many guns including an AK-47, as well as evidence of drug dealing, including the tools of the trade that included clear plastic baggies and scales.

If convicted on the charges, This idiot will be looking at five years behind bars…I think I like Instagram, now!

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