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Husband Of Trump-Hater Samantha Bee Is Fighting To Keep Poor Black Kids Out Of His Kid’s School. OOPS!


You know those liberal late night comedians just keep gettin’ funnier and funnier and more hateful everyday. If it’s not Steven Colbert literally being investigated for hate Crimes against the president, now Samantha Bee – a true hater of Trump it turns out is married to a full-blown bigot.

Oh, they get on TV and say how they’re the Party of minorities – but do they want little black kids mixing in with their little white snowflakes? It appears not! Slate has an interesting story about Samantha Bee’s family and just how much white privilege they want now and in the future:

The Upper West Side is another place where the “rights” of rich parents are being pitted against the reality of the neighborhood’s demographics. The current battleground is the sought-after P.S. 452 on West 77th Street, a stone’s throw from the Museum of Natural History.

One P.S. 452 parent speaking out against the move is comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones, who’s married to Samantha Bee.

P.S. 452, which opened in 2010 to relieve overcrowding in other nearby sought-after schools, quickly became overcrowded itself. And so the city proposed moving the school, which currently shares a building with two other schools, 16 blocks south, to a site with more space that happens to be just adjacent to large housing projects. In one swoop, the city could solve the school’s capacity problem while improving its diversity.

But of course, in an as-if-scripted repetition of the integration fights that have gone down since the birth of busing, many current P.S. 452 parents are up in arms against the proposal.

“To portray any opposition as classist or racist is as bad as it can get,” Jones told WNYC. And elsewhere: “We are not divided,” he said at a public hearing about the proposal, “we are absolutely united in wanting what’s best for our children,” then encouraged fellow parents not to talk to the press about the controversy.

After all, didn’t they buy their expensive Upper West Side domiciles precisely for the right to attend this fabulously high-performing school?

Bigots – making jokes about conservatives being bigots – share this because no one else will.

Do it now while you’re thinking about it – okay?


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