How President Trump Broke Twitter and the Media with His new word COVFEFE!

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Last night, President Trump proved that his Twitter account is mightier than the MSM and they are all going crazy over the new Trump word, covfefe!

Just Google covfefe and see what comes up! President Trump made covfefe an instant cult word, within a few hours. Who else can do such a thing?

So what does covfefe mean and why was Donald Trump tweeting so late at night?

I don’t doubt that he was not making a point. Such a simple tweet, and yet it caused a firestorm on social media and the press. They were confused. I think that is awesome.

Just after midnight in Washington, Donald Trump tweeted: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” That was it. No more. Just that word “covfefe” left hanging there.

It left many of his 31 million followers on Twitter baffled, and slightly concerned.

How President Trump Broke Twitter and the Media with His new word COVFEFE!

The president’s cryptic missive remained online for several hours.

and…there was silence!

…and more silence…

and the questions began!

 This tweet says it all!

Trump even inspired a new character and Twitter accounts:

and shirts of course:

Four hours later the tweet had been neither corrected nor deleted.

At 7.20pm EST, Mr Trump’s “covfefe” tweet had more than 122,000 retweets, according to Twitter figures.

It began trending on Twitter with the following description: “The mystery of Trump’s ‘covfefe.'” The question remains: what is “covfefe,” and will we ever know?

One person even channeled former President JFK into the discussion!

Some patriots found great enjoyment in the hysteria!

It just got funnier and funnier!

But by Wednesday morning, Trump had removed the tweet and followed up on the debacle.

It was not the first time that a Donald Trump tweet has lit up the internet.

People around the world weighed in with biting sarcasm, and #covfefe quickly became the top trending item on Twitter.

Comments also included a mock Google translation of “covfefe” from Russian into English as “I resign,” and comments like “Drain the covfefe” – a play on Mr Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

“‘Covfefe is a great word, period! – Sean Spicer tomorrow,” read one tweet, mentioning the president’s spokesman.

To avoid confusion, the Regent’s English Language Center in London wrote: “To all of our English language students, we can confirm that ‘covfefe’ is not an English word. Yet.”

Even the Daily Kos got into the action claiming: According to Google Translate, “covfefe” means “Soviet” in Russian! (That was fake news BTW. It does not really mean that. Google Translate doesn’t recognize covfefe in any language, including Russian.

I think it is utter brilliance. Less than a minute on Twitter and Trump controlled a whole news morning with a word that doesn’t exist. He proved again that the MSM is really irrelevant.

Since entering office, Mr Trump has used Twitter to issue declarations on everything from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TV performance to an alleged “MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany.”

Each time, he seems to create a firestorm. The MSM does not know how to handle it. They are used to filtering the President’s message with their own spin! They cannot filter this President! Like him or not, he is doing what no other President has been able to do.

This President goes straight to the people with Twitter. I do not think that ever ends.

After covfefe…he got down to real business. Be sure to RT this one:

I am pretty sure that covfefe means: The MSM is irrelevant!


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