HAUNTED: Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Home Made This Little Girl Cry In Fear – You Won’t Believe Why!

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This will make the hair on your neck and arms stand up. Strange and quite scary if you ask me.

Have you ever encountered any paranormal activity? And ever wondered if it would make you jump out of your skin and have you running for your dear life?

Some would ask if paranormal activity is even real or say that it’s fake, but who is to know the truth.

I have not encountered any paranormal activity myself but this story makes you feel like your there.

A contractor from Washington state did not believe in the paranormal activity until he was hired to renovate a lovely little blue house in North Tacoma that held a quivering secret, notorious serial killer Ted Bundy at one time had called it ‘home.’

While Casey Clapton and experienced contractor was renovating the four bedroom home last year, there were some very unsettling things that took place.

They creeped him out so much so that he was writing Bible verses on the walls and asking two priests to come and bless the home.

It was during these renovations that Clapton and his crew claimed they had seen ‘pleas’ of help written right there on the basement window, and the doors and cabinets in the entire house were opening on their own with furniture falling over as well at times. Large furniture.

Clopton tells The News Tribune the person who bought the house last September with the intention to fix it up and resell it at a profit had no idea that Ted Bundy had lived there as a child with his mother, stepfather and four brothers and sisters beginning in 1955, when he was just nine years old.

Fast forward two decades later and Bundy would be going on a horror filled four-year, 11-state killing spree that would lead to at least 30 lives being taken by the evil man who would then die himself in the electric chair.

However, this Washington contractor himself visited BUndy’s childhood home for the first time in October, and had taken his 11-year old daughter along with him. That was a bad idea.

Once inside as he was taking notes on the building project, his young pre-teen daughter burst into tears.

‘She said she felt weird,’ he told the News Tribune. ‘She didn’t like it there.’

She felt so uncomfortable in the house that they left right away, and he returned the following week himself with a demolition crew to take knock it down. It was then that one member of that very crew reported feeling uneasy on the property, and wanted to leave too.

It was reported that the contractor soon dismissed his concerns, chopping up the paranormal activity he witnessed up to being a practical joke from his crew.

One time, he told the paper, he and the workers unlocked the house to find every door and cabinet drawer ajar.

There was another occasion where Clopton’s crew was draining the flooded basement, and they noticed the words ‘help me’ scribbled on the window. They learned much later that Ted Bundy’s old bedroom was in the wood-paneled basement.

Then there was the word ‘leave’ discovered written in the dust on the floor of yet another bedroom up in the house, and no footprints surrounding it. That was a very eery experience according to Clopton.

All other unexplained occurrences including a heavy dresser toppling over in the upstairs hallways became almost an everyday thing, and it became so unsettling that finally Clopton decided to learn more about the house’s history.

When Clopton finally learned from neighbors about the property’s dark past, he invited a pastor to come over and bless the Bundy house.

Two clergymen answered the call and went from room to room, saying blessings. They also suggested to Clopton and his crew to write Bible verses on the walls and listen the Christian music during work hours.

Despite the string of bizarre incidents, Clopton was able to complete the renovation and hand the newly painted, updated home of the infamous serial killer to real estate broker James Pitts III, who said he was shocked by its history, but also excited.

The house recently sold for $335,000, $10,000 over the list price, according to a Facebook post from Pitts.

By all accounts, Bundy never killed anyone inside the Tacoma home, although he was a suspect in the disappearance of his 8-year-old neighbor – a crime he denied years letter in a letter to the victim’s mother.

Bundy earned the dubious distinction of becoming one of the deadliest serial killers in US history who confessed to murdering more than 30 women. He was executed in 1989, aged 42, after being convicted of killing two Florida State University sorority members and a 12-year-old girl.

For years, his mother, Louise, staunchly maintained his innocence, proclaiming in 1980: ‘Ted Bundy does not go around killing women and little children!’

Her support for her eldest son wavered somewhat after he made a series of death-row confessions, although in his final moments, Mrs Bundy told Ted in their very last phone conversation: ‘You’ll always be my precious son.’

After reading this, it makes me feel like there was some life left from Ted Bundy in the former home. I’m not one to believe in paranormal although I know some people have had their run in and stories to tell, but at the end of the day you honestly never know what happened for that type of activity to occur.

Here is the moment that Ted Bundy was given to call him Mother just seconds before being killed on the electric chair. It was in this moment that she told him “You will always be my precious Son.”

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