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FBI Agent Sent To Investigate ISIS Leader, Marries Him Instead, Then THIS Happens…


She was a FBI translator who went rogue and her name is Daniela Greene. Green fell ‘in love’ or thought she had fallen for the very person that she was assigned to investigate.

However, although that sounds bad, many might think it would be easy for it to happen. Well, you should know that she didn’t just fall in love with some random dude. She fell in love with an ISIS terrorist.

She sure knows how to pick them. She literally stole off to Syria and married the man.  Leaving the comfort of her own home and job, to go and marry the Islamic State terrorist she was suppose to be investigating for the United States of America.

Obviously there was much more than just investigating going on. Or maybe too much investigating? Good grief…still, is it that easy for some people to betray their country? It’s sad really.

Well as expected this woman lived to regret her decision, and lucky for her she even lived to pay the American consequence for it, and didn’t perish paying the Islamic consequence for this type of thing.

There were federal records that show Greene who was issued TOP secret security clearance, had lied to the FBI before taking off. She had lied about her reason for needing to travel to Syria. She then took her treachery one step further and told her ISIS terrorist husband that he was being investigated by the United States of America, as it was reported to CNN.

He terror husband, Denis Cuspert, was once a German rapper…and somehow went from spitting rhymes to becoming Muslim and then…joining the Islamic State, and adopting his new terrorist name Abu Talha al-Almani.

Turned rapper to terrorist in under 2 years…this is terrifying if you think about it. The brainwashing that must go on with something like this works fast.

Greene then joined her husband in Syria. She reports she had quickly realized that she had made a horrible mistake, and took her chances in fleeing back to the U.S.. Shockingly, she made it home alive, but it is not clear how she traveled into Syria or how she even had managed to escape from deep inside the terror stricken country. She did though, and as soon as she got home was she expected…she was immediately arrested.

John Kirby, a former State Department official under the Obama administration, told CNN that in order to enter ISIS territory in Syria, Greene likely would’ve needed the authorization of top ISIS leaders, as ordinary people risk “getting their heads cut off.”

Since that time she has served two years and has been released. Her husband went from rapper to terrorist. Now she has gone from FBI agent with high level clearance, to a hostess at a hotel lounge.

All this began when she was assigned to monitor Cuspert due to her fluency in German; he had converted to Islam in 2010 and then ended up in Egypt and Libya in 2012.

From there he made his way to Syria and by 2014 he was pledging his allegiance to ISIS on video.

Although it’s unclear how the relationship between Greene and Cuspert formed, Greene completed an FBI travel authorization form, saying she was traveling to Munich for vacation. Instead, she flew to Istanbul, Turkey, and went to a city close to the Syrian border, at which point a third party brought her over the border.

She then married Cuspert.

Now before leaving Syria, she shared with an unidentified person in the U.S. that she had made a horrible mistake, but it was too late.

“Not sure if they told you that I will probably go to prison for a long time if I come back, but that is life. I wish I could turn back time some days,” she wrote on July 22, 2014, to the unidentified person.

The Pentagon was led to believe that they had killed Cuspert in an airstrike back in October of 2015, however they now know that Cuspert had in fact survived that attack.

Well Cuspert…until then keep your eye on the sky, so you’re prepared to see what’s coming for you.


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